Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Some of you may remember this entry, when I made my first attempt at a video.

Well, I thought you might like to see what that building has become. I expected it to be a condo, like every other construction project on the Lower East Side. But no! Surprise! It's a museum - the New Museum of Contemporary Art. I haven't been there yet, but in retrospect it seems an especially fitting subject for my fledgling video art! (Such as it is.) I'm just glad it's not another condo full of hedge fund managers.

Speaking of hedge funds, I read the other day about funds that buy the debt of third-world countries for pennies on the dollar, then force those countries to repay the debt for the profit of investors - who are basically making bucks on the backs of the world's poorest people. There's a special place in hell, you know?

(Photo: New Museum at 235 Bowery, Dec. 2007)


Anonymous said...

I loved that video - seems so long ago! How cool that the building is as neat as the pirate ship!

Money does not seem to bring out the most virtuous side of humanity. Odious.

Anonymous said...

Interesting looking building.

It never fails to amaze me about what goes on in the world where poverty is concerned. I thought we in the West are mean't to improve things.

Anonymous said...

What a cool building.

How do these predators sleep at night?