Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Back home again, with a heap of laundry, and an attention-starved cat once again lying on my chest. I had a great visit with the family, especially my amazing little niece Jane (aka Little Jane, Janie or Beans), who’s 16 months old. She toddles around and says words, and you can just watch her figuring things out.

She’ll say “ribit” if you ask her what sound a frog makes, and she points at both the dog and the door and loudly proclaims “daw!” She smiles constantly, except when she just wakes up, when there seems to be a mandatory period of crankiness.

She didn’t quite know what to make of Christmas. But what kid doesn’t like all the colored lights?

Christmas went well, despite all my gift angst. I got some very practical stuff, like towels and a supply of Starbucks coffee, and some chocolate for fun. I think I’m going to leave the chocolate in the fridge for a while, though. It’s possible to just eat too much sugar, especially when you’re not really much of a dessert-eater - and after several days of pie and chocolate chip cookies and other stuff, I need to come down from my sugar high!

(Photo: Street art in SoHo, Dec. 2007)


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

Last night I went out in search of any kind of food that had no flour, sugar and eggs in it because I spent much of the day yesterday eating cookies and bread - not the best food for me. But alas on Capitol Hill even the Tandoori Pakistani restaurant and the Thai place were closed.

Cookies are delicious as they go down, but they don't satisfy and they create a compulsion to keep eating more of them, until there are no cookies left on earth. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Do not eat three green corn tamales and a piece of pie at ten at night. It gives you real bad heartburn.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to cold grey NY! Hope you got some sunshine down in the Sunshine State--

I had a splitting splitting headache from all the sugar--I don't normally partake--and -- it acted like poison for me!
People gave me candies, cookies, cakes... yikes!

Your niece sounds so cute--that is a miraculous age

Anonymous said...

when one of my nieces was little, her dad bought her these turtles. She named them Timmy, Tommy, Tammy, and Tony ...but then she changed Tony's name to Big Red. We asked... why Big Red?

"I like the gum" she explained.