Friday, March 28, 2008

Art: the rest

As I said yesterday, a reader asked for a quick guide to the rest of my very small art collection. (None of this stuff is very valuable, so if you're tempted to go to the trouble to break into my apartment and steal it, I'd advise against it.)

The print above is called "Triad," by Helen Yaker, c. 1978. I bought it at a flea market in the mid-80s, where it was in a water-damaged frame and mat and looked like it had been through some hard knocks. The print was fine, so I just had it reframed. It reminds me of ocean waves on a stormy night. (I actually contacted Yaker via Google a few years ago and she told me how and when she made this.)

This is a woodblock print by Margaret Orchard, 1972. I bought it unframed at an antique shop in Tampa around 1988. I think it's very maternal.

An American friend of mine in Morocco, Stacy Elko, painted this watercolor view of a saint's tomb near Ait Baha, the town where I lived.

I bought this in Zurich in 2003. It's called "Herbst," or autumn. Signed Martin-Guy, 1982.

This is a pencil drawing by Dale Jarrett, an artist from Kansas. I love its spacious feeling, that immense sky and the suggestion of a landscape at the bottom. I bought it at an art show in 2000.

This is called "Payne's Prairie," after an area near Gainesville, Fla. It's by John Richard Caputo, who studied printmaking at the nearby University of Florida. Dated 1980.

This photo is by Clyde Butcher, a well-known Florida landscape photographer. It's called Cody Island #1. A friend bought it at an art auction for AIDS charities and gave it to me right after I moved to New York in 2000.

And that's it! Sorry for the weird sideways perspectives, but of course all this stuff is framed with glass, so I can't shoot it head-on. You can see it all in context here.


Anonymous said...

Your taste is exquisite! Wow. Thanks for the art tour. I don't want to steal it, I just want to say BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

Much, much enjoyed the tour. Love how the plain frames and matting put all the focus on the works.
Thank you muchly.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on the framing as well. The simplicity of it really brings out the picture and allows the eye to take it in. I am impressed that you have the background stories on each piece - I am not sure I can say the same for mine.

Anonymous said...

Triad has the relaxed feel of a sleeping cat. I love all of this art-- The Caputo is nicely done, and the watercolor your friend did-- The Maternal work is lovely , very maternal and warm.

the FL photo--something Lush to look at. I love art that has a background story --my friends and family have given me lots of their own artwork over the years.
Too much to display all at once, so I have to rotate items.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing your collection, particularly the Paynes Prairie piece. I am a Gaineville native and landscape painter.
Linda Blondheim

Anonymous said...

i like all of these - esp. the triad - and the autumn one - oh and the Dale Jarrett drawing. they all complement each other beautifully. Fab.