Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Art

Those of you who keep an eye on my Flickr account undoubtedly know these images. They're by the street artist Gaia, and until recently they've been available for viewing only on walls and doors in New York and a few other cities. Then Gaia ran off a limited edition of prints for sale. I couldn't resist buying them, since I've liked his images on the street for so long.

The one above is titled Sebastian. The one below is Bryce.

I took these photos when I dropped the prints off at the frame shop. Last night, I picked up the finished, framed prints and hung them in my apartment, where they seem really HUGE. (They are quite large -- I'm not imagining things.) I'm going to have to reshuffle some of my exising artwork to accommodate them and balance out the room.

Still, I really like them! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

ILOVETHEM! the top one of 'sebastian' particularly strikes my fancy as it puts a totally different spin on one of the 10,000 sayings that rattles around my brain - offering grounding or comfort in times of need. the saying is the my interpretation of a chinese proverb and goes something like:
that the birds of worry and fear fly over your head, this you can't control; but that that they make nests there, this you can control.

in this picture it appears that birds of peace are making nests in sweet sebastain's hair.

and sweet steve of course gaia's images are large when the normal 'canvas' is a wall or a door!! I do hope my wanders take me past one of these doors or walls. I love street art!

Anonymous said...

I like them a lot too. Out here in Hooterville we don't have street art much. We just get a lot of destructive tagging.

Anonymous said...

impressive. They radiate strength and energy. Looking forward to seeing them framed and hanging on your wall (you will show us, yes?)

Anonymous said...

They're exquisite! Wow! And it seems to fitting that you would finally bring street art inside, into your house. Very cool!

Would love to see how you chose to frame them. Street art might be harder to encase, or maybe I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I love them both-- Sebastian with his birds, Bryce with her quietness.

Almost all of my art collection was purchased on the streets of the world or in tiny galleries in people's homes. My framer loves interesting pieces too.