Saturday, March 15, 2008


I feel so out of sorts this weekend. I think it’s partly carryover from the excesses of the week -- my mind feels like a lake in a storm, rather than the legendary placid lake of Zen. I need to step back and retreat for a while.

Of course, this weekend is a retreat at the Zendo. But I’m not going today because I have some work-related stuff that needs to be finished. I’m also feeling some resistance toward attending a big, organized retreat with services, etc. What I’d really like is something like the Zendo’s monthly “just sitting” period, which is unstructured time on the cushion. My mind is hungry for that unbroken stretch of quiet. I’ll see if I can’t sit like that a bit at home.

Don’t you get sick of me whining about how busy and tired I am? Sorry about that. I’m actually not nearly as busy or tired as your average physician or teacher, I’m sure!

Bob and I saw an interesting movie last night: Gus Van Sant’s latest, called “Paranoid Park.” It was about some teenage skateboarders, and the film made amazing use of the ballet of skateboarding, with beautiful slow-motion footage of the swoops and jumps. The cinematography and use of music were interesting, as was the plot, though with all the reliance on photography the story moves slowly. I like slow, arty movies, so this was just right up my alley.

Funny how skateboarding is almost entirely a male pursuit, isn’t it? I mean, there are girls hanging around the skaters, but you don’t often see girls on boards. Why is that?

(Photo: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Feb. 2008)


Anonymous said...

There are lots of girl skateboarders in San Francisco, but you're right. On this coast, I never see anything but boys. Hmmm.

Hey, just gotta say I don't find you whiny, not ever. When you report on how you're feeling, it seems quite matter of fact, and, too, you always come around to being compassionate.

Whiny and compassionate just don't mesh, do they? Keep telling us how you're doing, OK? Your readers want to know!

Happy weekend. Hope it's peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Reya. You're awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

I can speak for the West Coast too, be it the Pacific Northwest - not many girl skateboarders here, either. That's a GREAT picture by the way - I LOVE monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Paranoid Park opens at one of the art cinemas here next week. I'm stoked to see it because the director is attempting to make a film about a culture I'm a part of. Not the skate culture (although fixed gear culture is pretty comparable), but the idea of hopping & underground culture in general. I'm glad to hear a good review!

I hope you can find the peace you need today and tomorrow. My thoughts are with you--

Anonymous said...

I never have found a whiny word in your posts -and let me tell you I know whine, whiny and wine!

enjoyed the party post & kenneth's pictures... it's fun to fall off the balance beam once in a while - step out a bit, stay out too late, party hardy and imbibe a bit too much!