Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Art, Part 2

So here’s the finished product -- Sebastian and Bryce in their frames. Bryce lives in the dining alcove and Sebastian has a place of honor over my bed. They look really great, I think. And as it turns out, I didn’t need to move anything else around, as these walls were already blank -- just waiting.

Someone asked me several weeks ago, when I posted the pictures of my apartment, to talk about all the art. So I took shots of the rest of it, too. But maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow. I think brevity is definitely the secret to a good blog entry!

My boss has been out the past few days, so keeping the office running has been my task. I’ll be glad when she comes back today, if only to have someone else to talk to. People say the mice play when the cat’s away, but really the mice are just bored.

Bob came over last night and we watched “Muriel’s Wedding” -- one of my all-time favorite flicks. I am a devoted fan of Toni Collette and that’s the movie that started it all. If you haven’t seen it, RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest video store, or add it to your Netflix queue immediately!


Anonymous said...

It's in my queue! Thanks for the suggestion.

Love the art.

All the birds in the hair of the one over your bed should contribute some very interesting energy to your dream life!

Anonymous said...

Love the artwork! Reya's on to something with the dream comment.

i love muriel's wedding so much! once i was renting it and the teenaged clerk told me it sucked really really bad and i should choose another film. (!)

i said "i've already seen this a few times, & i want to see it again."

you should have seen the look on his face--He figured i was completely insane.

Anonymous said...

I love toni collette so much--and i also love her co-star Rachael Griffiths (Hilary & Jackie, Blow) Griffiths played Johnny Depp's mother in Blow and she was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

they look great! And the spaces were just waiting for them which is even better. Don't know Muriel's Wedding but will try to find it over here.

(word verification informs you that yozmoioa. No, I don't know what it means, but word verification is adamant about it.)

Anonymous said...

The pictures look great. I love you apartment, so clean and uncluttered.

Anonymous said...

The pieces are larger than I thought--I like the size--they have more impact.

Anonymous said...

The artwork and the placement look fantastic. I am trying to think of an appropriate line from Muriel's Wedding to insert here but all I can come up with is "You're terrible Muriel, you're too much" which does not really fit. :)

Anonymous said...

these look great, perfect framing and hanging. so long as you don't worry about sebastian falling on your head.


Anonymous said...

Reya: I'll report back!

Ched: That's the first time I've ever heard of anyone who didn't like "Muriel's Wedding." I think that clerk was just being a contrarian. And Rachel Griffiths is terrific.

Merle, Lee: Thanks. :)

Gary: "You're terrible, Muriel!" is a line I frequently employ in daily life!

Lettuce: Believe me, I thought of that. But they're surprisingly lightweight, because I had them framed with plexiglass rather than real glass. So I don't think it would kill me.