Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Spring morning marvel...
Lovely nameless little hill
On a sea of mist

-- Basho

(Photo: Lower East Side, March 2008)


  1. I love those x's in circles window reflections. Why do you think they turn into x's??

    Beautiful poem, too. Happy spring to you!

  2. the swirl of light, it dances.
    the old decorative stonework
    above the entryway
    welcome home.

  3. I find an interesting thing every spring--esp on these warm 70+ degree days--no matter where people live, they find a way to get outdoors in nature (even if it is a rooftop in the Bronx surrounded by brick and concrete) to have their coffee or read a book, just to breathe in the spring air, and whatever gloom they had vanishes, they seem to be able to find beauty easily even if it is something tiny. In the cities the people lunch outdoors even if they have to sit on a curb or a wall that says "no loitering" they need the sun and spring air.

  4. the light playing on the walls is like transitory street art!

    nice haiku.

    happy earth day!