Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Short Story

Note on wall near Gramercy Park:

You looked lonely.
I'm lonely too.
I'm sorry I didn't say hello.

The lobby of 85 E. 4th St.
April 19 or 18 10:30 p.m.


  1. It's a note written in the future! Wow.

    What a beautiful pic and such a poignant message. Thank you for sharing this.

    People can be so thoughtful. Wow!

  2. a short story and a poem.... it is delightful to run into such little gems?

  3. Dennis wonders how many people will show up in the lobby? It could be the first meeting of the Gramercy lonely hearts society.

  4. How perplexing and fascinating!

  5. very, very interesting. I might show up just for fun.

  6. I love how options are given, if the 18th is good, then it's good for me too. If you can't make it on the 18th, you can maybe pencil it in for the 19th...

  7. Hi Steve! I haven't been here in ages!!

    People, you are reading it wrong! Its an apology. The person who wrote the note didn't answer the 'hello' of the stranger. They are saying they can't remember the day (18th or 19th?) but they know it was 10:30pm. And they are sorry.

    Perhaps these two strangers will meet again and a beautiful friendship will begin!

    Steve, I'll be back more often :)

  8. you used to see these ads in the daily news and post all of the time-- " you were wearing a red jacket, we made eye contact, you smiled you exited train at west fourth street before I could talk to you." there are TV spots for gum or mints based on this theme.

  9. what a great find - wonderful picture

  10. wouldn't it be funny if the Pope went to the lobby at 10:30pm?

    Vell, as long as I am in town...