Saturday, April 19, 2008


Spring seems to be accelerating, with the sudden bloom of all the tulips in the flower beds in front of our building. This is the first year we've had tulips, and no one was sure what color they would be. I'm happy to see they're a beautiful shade of salmon pink.

I also thought you'd like another view of the backyard. As you can see, things are happening quickly there, too -- compare the view below to this photo, taken just a week ago. The blooms are almost all gone from the magnolia, and the horse chestnut is putting out little green umbrellas of leaves.

Pretty soon, I won't be able to see that building across the courtyard, and my neighbors and I will all lead substantially more private lives.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed every year how fast it all happens once it starts! I drove up to the Catskils early this morning, and it was still grey and brown. The lilacs are still dormant and the dafs were just poking through the soil--like 2" . In a few weeks things will begin to stir up there.

Anonymous said...

Nice leaves on the horse chestnut!

Anonymous said...

Interesting pictures. In our neck of the woods, the trees tend to have tiny leaves to minimize water loss.

Anonymous said...

wow!! stuff is happening very quickly in the big apple. tho' must say stuffs happening fast here on the north coast also - hastened no doubt by a spate of 70+ degree days!!!

psyched that I'll be seeing you in a couple weeks - are you and gary coming in on the same train? any schlepping needs????? let me at 2!