Friday, June 9, 2023

Old Dog Shuffle and Scuffle

I am so busy at work this week I don't know which way is up! I'll be in the same boat the first two or three days of next week, I think. Students are done on Wednesday, and after that I have two more days of administrative stuff before I'm officially on summer vacation. 

The library gets busy because kids are checking out books for summer, and I've got to make personal contact with all the kids who have overdue materials from the school year and try to retrieve them. You'd be surprised how many kids "lose" their library book, only to have it turn up in the book bag they're wearing on their back. I can't imagine not knowing what's in my book bag -- or my locker -- but it happens all the time.

The good thing is, some of the roughly 25 books that showed up missing on our recent inventory have come back to us. So as I predicted, we're not missing as many as we thought.

I came home and cleared some limbs from the garden. When the tree trimmers visited in January and trimmed the hazel, a couple of fairly big limbs fell down into the trees and they missed them on the cleanup. They're much more visible now as dead wood amid the leafy branches of the living trees. So I pulled them out yesterday and cut them up for yard waste.

Also, Dave and I have been wrestling with our television, which connects to my computer via an HDMI cable so we can stream Netflix, Amazon and other internet content. (Which is how we watch everything these days.) I think the cable is going bad, because the connection has become very wonky. I have to plug and unplug it about 20 times before I can get both picture and sound, which I'm sure isn't good for my computer. So I finally ordered a new one, which should be available today. Sometimes it takes so long to do the simplest things.

I also finally made a plan for Dave's birthday, which is coming up at the end of the month. Shhhhh...

I'm happy to report that Olga is feeling much better. Yesterday I took her on our morning walk around the nearby housing estate and she scuffled with the cats beneath the door, as usual. It's been many months since I've seen Amber, the tortoiseshell cat that was Olga's main adversary -- she may have moved on to the big litter box in the sky -- but there are at least two others living at this address and they've picked up the slack.

(Top photo: Shops on Finchley Road in Swiss Cottage.)


sparklingmerlot said...

I am so glad to hear that Olga is brighter. She certainly gave that cat what for!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Olga looks so self-satisfied as she walks away with you. She showed 'em. We just unplugged a wonky outlet adaptor. Our internet connection was coming and going. It worked. But now we have nowhere to plug in the lamp.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"I've got to make personal contact with all the kids who have overdue materials"... Is this a round about way of saying that you are going to grab them one by one and hold them in headlocks while firmly rubbing the knuckles of your other hand into their scalps?

Michael said...

I love that video of Olga. I also love how she looked at you after the two of you walked away from the door. Good luck with the end of the school year, always a very hectic time, but soon it will be SUMMER!

Boud said...

That's definitely a "see, I showed those %&%&% cats!" look. Clearly feeling better.

The Bug said...

I really like YP's version of how you get the kids to return books. I definitely fantasized about headlocks during open enrollment this year! Olga could probably help intimidate them too!

Colette said...

The cat scuffle video is hilarious.

Bob said...

Olga seems quite pleased with her CatSniffery™.

Ms. Moon said...

Olga and her cat scuffling is hysterical. Thank goodness she protects you from those fierce jungle beasts! Too bad you can't take her to school with you to take care of those book borrowers who are so late in returning the school's materials!

NewRobin13 said...

So good to know that Olga is feeling better. She is so adorable giving those kitty cats a warning about who's the boss on that street.

Red said...

My favorite quote about library books was "I can't find my book but it's not overdue." The kid could certainly lose things in his back pack.

Linda Sue said...

well she certainly let those little cat paws know the score- love how see looks up at you to make sure you saw that.

Debby said...

Oh, that reproachful look she gives you when you pull her away from the door! Every party has a pooper!

Yes. The simplest things sometimes DO take the longest time to sort out.

Sharon said...

I think Olga wishes she could have kept that battle going for a little longer. I'm guessing the cats would have enjoyed that too!
Sweet Olga has no idea she has so many fans all over the world.

Kelly said...

I love the clip of Olga!! Her tail is so cute when she's "on point"! Way to go, did a good job!

Margaret said...

I'm glad that Olga is back in fighting (cats) form. I never thought to ask this, but does Dave read your blog?

Ed said...

That video proves that Olga still has some pep in her step!

Allison said...

Good job Olga! I'm happy she's better, and back to normal.

Steve Reed said...

Caro: She and the cats both seem to love their sparring sessions!

Mitchell: It's always something, right?!

YP: Pretty much.

Michael: I'd forgotten how crazy it can get!

Boud: Ha! Yeah, she's proud of herself.

Bug: Perhaps you should try actually employing headlocks? I will if you will.

Colette: It's funny to watch, on EVERY WALK.

Bob: Ha! Love the trademark!

Ms Moon: I really wish I could take Olga to school. I think the kids would love her. Unfortunately we have a strict no-dogs-in-the-building rule. :(

Robin: I wonder how well she can actually see under that door. She stands there and watches for the longest time, but maybe she's smelling more than seeing.

Red: My favorite is, "Oh, I know where it is." Well, if you know where it is, why don't you BRING IT BACK?!

Linda Sue: As Boud said, she's proud of herself. Or possibly checking to make sure she's not in trouble.

Debby: If I let her, she'd do her best to knock that door down!

Sharon: I should have opened an Instagram account for her ten years ago. Who knows where we'd be now?!

Kelly: I know -- I love that rigid tail. Hilarious.

Margaret: Not unless I tell him to, like if I mention something specific that I think he should see. I know his aunt reads it, though.

Ed: She does indeed, at least intermittently. :)

Allison: Yeah, I was a little worried about her. She usually loves her food, so when she has to be convinced to eat that seems like a bad sign.

Jeanie said...

The Olga video cracked me up! She looks good and I'm so very glad she is feeling better. Good luck with the students!