Friday, January 25, 2008


I was walking in Chelsea a couple of weeks ago when I found this little stuffed duck on a subway grate. I bent down to take a photo, and as I was framing the shot a guy walked by and said, "You should HELP him, not photograph him!"

It was funny - this full-grown man wanting me to come to the rescue of a stuffed duck. Still, I left the duck to his own devices. I'm sure someone found him who appreciated him more than me.


d. chedwick said...

That's hysterical-- and so typical!

Anonymous said...

Possibly the funnest thing I've EVER heard.

I think the comment is at the core of photography. LIke the way you shoot grafiti -should you be cleaning it up instead?

Gary said...

That is great. I wish I had said it.

J$ said...

so you picked up the gum but left the duck? hmmmm.

phd girl said...

adorable! I am surprised you left him there.

Steve, could you e mail me a photo of your portable hair dryer? I am collecting pics of them--also feel free to get creative with the pic .. or not.


d. chedwick said...

here is a link to some Graffiti from Brazil

Steve said...

Anon: Exactly! Photographers get in trouble all the time for not intervening. But should we intervene? Or are we merely documenting?

J$: Ha! Good point! I guess I thought someone might LIKE finding the duck, whereas the gum would just be a curse on anyone's day. :)

PHD Girl: Portable hair dryer? Are you kidding? (See my photo.)