Monday, October 30, 2006

Hell's Kitchen, July/Sept. 2006

This tag is a common sight all over Hell's Kitchen, and indeed all over lower Manhattan. The spiraling eye sockets, the skull's leer - I can't decide whether the face is drunk or dead or what. It's often accompanied by the initials SG.

One of SG's favorite canvases is the rolling steel security gate. These gates seem to attract graffiti. Someone told me that graffiti artists, if caught, get fined commensurate with the damage they've caused. I've often wondered if they graffiti these doors because repainting them is cheaper than, say, repairing a brick wall.

Or maybe all that blank space is just too tempting. In any event, graffiti artists, including SG, like these doors.

This one is by far my favorite - the only example I've found of a color tag from SG. And it comes complete with its own mini-me!

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