Saturday, June 7, 2008

Square Pegs

You know how sometimes you remember something fondly - a book, a movie - and then when you experience it again later it's a disappointment?

This week, I can identify. I rented the DVDs of the TV series "Square Pegs," which I liked back in high school. It aired beginning in 1982 and starred a young Sarah Jessica Parker as one of two gawky schoolgirls striving for popularity.

It's been fun to watch for nostalgia's sake - those pastel '80s clothes! - but it's just not very good. The characters, particularly the boys, behave in ways that real high schoolers would never behave. The plots are thin, the personalities shallow - even by the standards of silly sitcoms.

And actually, as I recall, I liked the series when it began, but I don't think I watched it very devotedly after the first half of the first season. I guess others reacted the same way, which is why it bit the dust soon after.

(Photo: Philadelphia, May 2008)


  1. Dennis never saw that show. Dennis thinks somebody has a crush on ' SJP '

  2. i love this photo steve, one of my favourites of yours

    hope your digestive troubles are over?

  3. btw there was a funny piece in the Guardian today about why NYTimes coverage on the election is a bit thin at the mo., cos you're all rather distracted by Alain Robert.

    It notes the endnote to the NYT report - "Reporting was contributed by ..." and about 18 names. Made me smile. Tho disappointing not to see your name there. ;op

  4. but sometimes the re-runsa re even better. i will post something related to this soon.....

  5. Dennis: Not me. I swear.

    Lettuce: Digestive problems have improved, thanks. That's funny about the Guardian. I would have talked if they'd called me. :)

    Pod: True -- reruns can be funnier sometimes. It all depends on the show!

  6. Tina Louise could never be replaced by another!

  7. love the photo!

    e liked that show. I vaguely remember watching a couple episodes with her....but didn't remember sjp in it! funny