Sunday, June 4, 2006

Columbus Circle, June 2006

The weather in New York has been pretty bleak this weekend, as you can see from the photo of the AOL/Time-Warner building. My Mom is visiting, and yesterday I had great plans for us - a brunch at Tavern on the Green, followed by the Broadway show "The Drowsy Chaperone."

We went to Tavern on the Green and ate in the Crystal Room, which is something like being trapped inside a big wedding cake. The ceiling is pink and yellow and white, and there's ornamentation on every surface, like a big mirror etched with frolicking squirrels and a mural of castles and flying horses. I'm not sure whether there's an overall theme, besides "tacky." But that being said, I'm glad I went - I'd never been to T on the G and I think it's something everyone should do once.

Then we made our way downtown and went to the show. We presented our tickets, and the usher said, "You're here on the wrong day. Your tickets are for Sunday."


So that's our plan for today. Thank God my Mom is easy-going about such things.

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