Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ah, Routine!

Remember that book I just recommended about leading the slow life? Well, I think I already need to re-read it!

I feel like I have been going non-stop for weeks - though just two days ago I was writing about my nice leisurely Thanksgiving break, so clearly that’s not altogether true. I think the issue isn’t slowing down, but instead staying home.

I realized yesterday that I spent a total of six nights at home in all of November. It’s my routines that I miss - going to the gym, going to the Zendo, having coffee in bed with my cat lying on my chest (making it nearly impossible to drink the coffee). Travel is nice, but as I’ve said before, the best part of traveling is coming home!

And now, after Italy and Rhinebeck and Washington, I have FINALLY come home. I’m not going anywhere for the next several weeks, until Christmas. I plan to slip back into the comfort of my quiet routines and hopefully this somewhat harried feeling will pass. What a relief!

(Photo: The oculus in the roof of the Pantheon, Rome, Nov. 2007)

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