Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Motor Home

I watched “Lost in America” last night, inspired by my pal Merle, who mentioned it recently on his blog. It’s a 1985 movie about two yuppies who cash out, quit their jobs and take to the road in a motor home, yearning to “drop out of society” and live free like the guys in “Easy Rider.”

I’d never seen it before, but the theme immediately appealed to me. Who doesn’t have a dream like this, after all? I admit that one of my back-up plans for my own life, should I lose my job, is to travel around in a van and see the country. (More fantasy than plan, admittedly.)

When I was a kid I longed to live in a motor home. In fact, I used to buy “Motor Home” magazine, or something like that. Once, during a Boy Scout retreat, while everyone else was playing football, I spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen of a motor home used by our scoutmasters, imagining myself piloting it across the country. (I don’t think I wore an apron, but I’m not sure.)

Things don’t go well for the yuppies in “Lost in America,” primarily because of a divorceable offense by the wife. Ultimately, it was an odd movie -- it seemed to end very abruptly, and to reinforce the idea that conformity and the corporate grind are really the way to go. (Now that I think about it, things don’t go well for the guys in “Easy Rider” either.) But what’s wrong with a little escapist dream?

Maybe someday, I’ll be blogging from a van!

(Photo: Shadows in Venice, Italy, Nov. 2007)


  1. Thinking of you reading Motor Home magazine is hilarious!

    OK I'm the exception that proves the rule - I've never wanted to live in a motor home or to travel around and live in a van. Never. I really dislike being inside cars, vans, and busses. The idea of driving around all the time makes me want to slit my wrists.

    Things never go well for adventurers in American movies. Interesting, isn't it?

  2. Jack Nicholson takes to the road in a Motor Home in "About Schmidt" a retired guy who is alone, and trying to connect, he has some weird adventures-- a good movie.

  3. re: Reya's comment-- I too am guilty of looking at motorhomes as a kid. Brochures mostly. How I wanted one! (like the one in the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape)

    when i was a kid i liked to go to auto and boat and motorhome shows... probably because living in a place where we didn't need or have these items made me curious. I liked the idea of living in a tiny moveable space.

  4. Reya: Well, I'm not sure I could ultimately do it. I might go stir-crazy. But I love the idea.

    Ched: I saw "About Schmidt" and loved it! A tiny moveable space is exactly what appeals to me, too -- kind of like being a turtle, but with a gas bill! :)

  5. I loved About Schmidt too.

    I always wanted to own a motor home until I figured out how much the cost to operate. I'm a victim of my own cheapness, I guess.

    My lovely spouse was just talking the other day about wanting to take a long and extended road trip, and that appeals to me. From hotel to hotel, of course.