Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One of the best surprises about my weekend up in the Hudson Valley was the leaves. Particularly in the lower reaches of the valley, and in New Jersey, they're really beautiful right now. I thought about taking my camera when I went to Rhinebeck for my friend's wedding, but then I thought, "Well, it's November, and all the leaves will be gone, so why bother?" Boy, was I wrong!

I don't know whether our autumn is coming later this year or not - it certainly seems later. But regardless, it was in fine form.

And now, we're on to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday: Just food and relaxation. I don't do the post-Thanksgiving shopping blitz, so for me, there's no stress. I'm headed down to DC on Wednesday night to hang out with some good friends, and I hope to have lunch with Reya.

My jet lag finally seems to have subsided, as well as most of my cold. Whew!

(Photo: Leaf in Ithaca, October 2007)


  1. All the seasons came late this year - go figure ... as for lunch with me, COUNT ON IT! Can't wait.

  2. With the current warming, it seems that winter gets compressed into a shorter time frame.

  3. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous down South--I can't believe they're still kickin' in New York!

  4. Hello & welcome home--give Reya a kiss for me.