Monday, January 7, 2008

It's called the Web for a reason

I would try to write something substantial here, except that I'm short on time. I've blown the last hour puzzling over my stats on Flickr, tracking links that people have made to my photos there.

I just discovered this stats application, and it showed me, for example, that someone posted a link to this photo from a Web site called Cinema Treasures, which is for lovers of old movie theaters. And that makes me really happy, because of course that's why I posted the photo in the first place - so people would remember the old theater.

The Web is so interesting, the way it all fits together. It's like Indra's Net, each jewel connecting to another ad infinitum. Which, come to think of it, is the way the entire universe works.

So, wow, not so insubstantial after all!

(Photo: Sunset from the Pulaski Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens, Dec. 2007)


  1. Deliciously substantial, if you ask me.

  2. It makes me happy when someone tells me they used to live in Nyack and have been lurking at my blog for months--I have no site meter to see what is going on, so comments like that keep me going.

  3. that is a lovely picture

    i've never investigated flickr stats. hmmm, maybe i should have a look?

    or maybe not, if i want to get any work done