Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monday, Monday

Here is my Monday night routine.

I usually get off work at 6 p.m., so at about 5:59 I shut down my computers and make a beeline for the door. I navigate the crowds to the immense Times Square subway station and catch the R or W train to Prince Street, in SoHo. I’m always hungry by this time of day, so I stop at the peanut man on the corner of Prince and Broadway and buy a bag of hot peanuts coated with sugar ($1) which I eat as I walk up Broadway about half a block. I go into a nondescript doorway and take an elevator to the ninth floor, to the Zendo.

Monday night at the Zendo is beginner’s night, so there are always new faces and lots of great energy - a mixture of enthusiasm and fear. I take off my shoes, put on my rakusu and sometimes my robe, and find a cushion. For the next two hours, I practice amid the newbies, which I always really enjoy.

At 8:30, I make my way downstairs, usually eating the remainder of my now-cooled peanuts. I walk up Lafayette Street or the Bowery to St. Mark’s Place, where I get dinner. Sometimes I go to Chipotle for a burrito. Last night I went to Chickpea and got a falafel platter, which turned out to be entirely too much food. As I sat in the restaurant I heard Sting’s “Desert Rose” play no less than three times.

I then either catch the 6 train from Astor Place up to 28th Street, or I walk home on Third Avenue, which is what I did last night. It’s about 30 blocks from the Zendo to my apartment, which is easily manageable when the weather’s nice.

Ah, routine!

(Photo: Upper East Side, Oct. 2007)


  1. It sounds like a perfect way to spend Monday evenings. I'm sure the Zendo beginners benefit from your presence. I imagine you like an anchor for the people who are learning.

    Sometime may I take your picture while you're wearing your robes and rakusa? I bet you're beautiful!

  2. I really enjoyed this routine with you. I sit on Monday nights at the Shambhala Center, but it's not the newbie night (I know that energy) cause, I'm still one ;) Yes, routine is something I got off ofduring the holiday and I'm so happy to be getting back in the swing of things.

    I just can't believe you can get hot food for $1.

    May the new year be joyful and inspiring for you!

  3. I enjoy enjoyable routines!

    They used to call them "French Burnt Peanuts" but every vendor seemed to drop that name 25 years ago-- - another mystery.

  4. Nice post Steve. Routines keep us anchored to life.

  5. I am with you on the peanuts. I love those and they just seem so NYC.

    I don't know about Zendo at all. Is it meditation or something more active. I guess if you are in robes there is some movement involved. See, another thing I learned about through blogs! Great.

  6. Gary: "Zendo" is actually the meditation space used in Zen practice. It's just a big room, basically, with lots of cushions. :)