Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tina Louise

OK, I know I said I was taking a break. But I had to bring you this little story -- a tale of Internet wandering and the strange places it can lead.

Yesterday, my boss and I were discussing a mysterious communication from one of our readers that mentioned “Jubilation T. Cornpone.” My boss wasn’t sure what that meant.

“I think it’s a song,” I said, and got on Google to find out.

It turns out that, indeed, “Jubilation T. Cornpone” is the fourth song from the first act of the Broadway show "Lil’ Abner," from 1956. (The song is named for a fictitious Confederate general.) Through subsequent Web wandering I also quickly learned that:

1. Actress Tina Louise, best known for playing Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s Island,” starred in that same Broadway production. Her character’s name was “Appassionata von Climax.”

2. “Tina Louise” is also the name of an Asian Fusion restaurant in Carlstadt, New Jersey. It has nothing to do with the actress; Tina and Louise are sisters who own the restaurant.

3. Tina Louise (the actress, not the sisters) also starred in the movie “God’s Little Acre,” from 1958, as Griselda.

4. A co-star in that movie was Michael Landon, who played a kidnapped albino.

See? Don’t say you never learned anything useful from this blog.

(Photo: Parking lot, Chelsea, Jan. 2008)


  1. Google weaves the tapestry of the world together. Very cool.

    I always thought Tina Louise (the actress, not the restaurant) looked like a man in drag.

  2. I can see why. There's definitely something sort of "overdone" about her -- in the same way that most drag queens are very extreme.

  3. Ha! I was in that play in High School--I still sing that song sometimes! -- he was known as "Good Old Papier mache!"

    just stopped by to be sure you were taking that break!

  4. wasn't there a song by commander cody called Tina Louise????

    "..tina louise, arroyo seco, new mexico, 1974" was the refrain...? i'm pretty sure it was tina louise but not 100%.

  5. You're right, Ched! Never heard of the band or the song, but I found mention of it online! (Google again...)

  6. Ched, Commander Cody??? How the heck old are you?

  7. Ched never mind. I confused myself. Commander Cody was a 70's group. I confused myself because they re-recorded Hot Rod Lincoln, which was origally done in 1955.

  8. Dennis liked Ginger better than Mary Ann.

  9. and through subsequent wandering, i was led to this place.

    i enjoyed what i read. and what i see.