Friday, March 10, 2023

At Home With Topol

I woke this morning feeling much better. I really think I detected this Covid infection toward its end -- I've probably been walking around with it all week. Unfortunately, because I tested Wednesday, Thursday was my first of five recommended days of isolation. Under current NHS guidelines I'm not supposed to return to work (or do anything else) until Tuesday.

I did break my isolation yesterday morning to run one essential errand. I had to send my old phone back to my phone supplier for recycling and credit on my account. They were getting pushy about it, e-mailing to ask where it was -- apparently I'm required to send it back within 14 days of signing up for my new plan. I didn't even get their mailer until Wednesday, so I had to turn right around and send it off. Fortunately that entailed just walking into a local shop and dropping off the phone in its package, with no contact and minimal opportunity to infect anyone.

It was a rainy day so I texted our dog-walker and told him to skip us. Olga hates going out in the rain and since we were home, we could keep an eye on her and let her out when appropriate. She must think Covid is wonderful. It kept us home all through the lockdowns and it's keeping us home now.

I took some photos in the garden and around the house, like the bouquet of daffodils in our front window (top) and crocuses in our back garden. I've noticed that our lawn is chock-full of moss. I don't know whether this is a problem, exactly -- I don't care whether we have moss or grass, as long as it's green. But there really does seem to be a lot if it, perhaps because our drought last summer stressed the grass and now we have lots of moisture.

In the afternoon I watched the movie "Fiddler on the Roof." I'd never seen it, believe it or not. I heard about it a lot as a kid and of course I know most of the songs, and I'd heard of the actor Topol, who plays the central role and who died this week. (I always wondered why he shared his name with a brand of toothpaste.) So, anyway, I was inspired to rent it, and it was the perfect matinee diversion.

Then, last night, Dave and I streamed "The Whale" with Brendan Fraser. I've been wanting to see this movie for months, and thank goodness for Curzon Home Cinema! It's very good (though dark) and Fraser is remarkable in his role -- definitely an Oscar-worthy performance and a far cry from "George of the Jungle."


Michael said...

So sorry that you have Covid. Didn't you already have it once, or am I remembering it incorrectly? This case doesn't sound too serious from the symptoms you describe. I hope you will feel better soon. I have not had it yet, and I am just waiting for when it is to happen. I am scheduled to take students to Japan on June, and I worry about the whole Covid thing while we are traveling.

Andrew said...

I had not heard about Topol's death. My father often whistled or sang 'If I were a rich man'.

It is good that your phone company insists on the return of your old phone, says he who has two old phones still in his possession. One needs go to a phone recycling bin at least.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Steve. And yes, our dogs probably loved Covid too! Nothing makes our animals happy than having the whole family at home.

I want to see The Whale, too, but it looks like it's going to make me sad.

Boud said...

I'm wondering if pets were in on the whole covid spread. I mean, look who benefited!

I couldn't think what Topol was, think I was remembering toothpaste. I've never seen Fiddler, but like you, know the gist and the songs, so I feel as if I've seen it.

Colette said...

Nothing more hopeful than those early spring flowers. Sorry to hear about your Covid infection.

Ms. Moon said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better and that this version of covid is not-much.
I haven't seen that movie and although I do want to, I am also afraid that it might be more than I can bear. I've heard Brendan Fraser interviewed now on several podcasts and I honestly do hope he gets the Oscar. He seems so pure, somehow.

Jeanie said...

I'm glad you're on the mend and also that you get a few days off, thank you NHS or whatever the recommendation is from. That will do you good. And Olga will love it! I love the photos, especially that opening shot of the daffs in the window. So glad you got to see Fiddler. It's long, isn't it? But lovely. Keep getting well.

Sharon said...

Those daffodils look so pretty in hour window. Good news that you are feeling better. I'm of the mind set that the vaccinations really do keep people from getting bad cases.

The Bug said...

Fiddler on the Roof was the answer to one of my puzzles yesterday. I was going to say that was freaky - but perhaps his death prompted the puzzle writers to include it.

Glad you're feeling better!

Ellen D. said...

Glad you and Dave have not been hit too badly. Hope you recover soon.
Finally, a garden theory I can agree with "I don't care whether we have moss or grass, as long as it's green." That's how I feel too! Even weeds are fine as long as they are pretty.

Bob said...

For Olga, COVID has it's perks!

NewRobin13 said...

I grew up listening to the music from Fiddler on the Roof. My parents went to see it on Broadway. They loved Broadway musicals. It was so sad to read of Topol's passing.
Glad to to know you are feeling better. I'm sure Olga loves that you and Dave are home. It's like an early spring holiday for her.
Lovely flowers.

Red said...

Rainy days are good to stay in and have a good long nap.

ellen abbott said...

Well, bummer about the covid. As far as I know neither of us has had it but then we have very little exposure to other people, him less so than me. Probably my biggest risk of exposure is at SHARE.

I've never heard of The Whale. I'll have to check it out.

Ed said...

Most likely Olga has Covid too as we are able to spread it to our pets. I don't recall if pets can spread it between other members of their species but with their habit of sticking their nose against other animals moist surfaces, I'm guessing they can too. I'm pretty sure a dog can't spread it back to a human though.

Whale is on my shortlist too. I'm not a Brandon Fraiser fan but after seeing a interview of him and the movie on CBS Sunday Morning, I decided I will have to see it.

Allison said...

The streaming service we have in the rental condo is Pluto, which is "free". Thus the owner does not pay for cable, only internet. They have The Whale on offer, but it's $20 to watch. Nope! We're surviving on free Amazon Prime stuff.
I am happy that you're feeling better.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

There's plenty of moss in our lawn too. Like you, I don't mind as long as it is green. Some English householders are utterly obsessed with their lawns - banishing all moss and weeds and trying to make their patch of grass look like a snooker table.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Haven't seen The Whale yet. I like Brendan Frazer. I saw Fiddler when it first came out. I didn't know at the time that Topol was the original Tevye on stage. All these years later, my primary memory is that one of my friends was smoking and we weren't in the smoking section of the theatre; and she had just had the nerve to tell the woman behind us to stop talking. I wanted to crawl under my seat. Oh, yeah, good movie.

Kelly said...

I think daffodils look so pretty arranged in a vase. I also think moss is a nice alternative to grass, especially in shadier locations.

Margaret said...

Glad you're better and have had a mild case. I have lots of moss too and normally don't due to my lawn service killing it. Perhaps they haven't done so yet.

gz said...

Good that you are feeling better.
You ground is looking rather least you can see it and not snow!!
There were so many good actors in Fiddler on the Roof. Stage and screen

jenny_o said...

I don't know if this is true for where you are, but around here moss will take over when the pH of the earth is too low (acidic). To rectify, scatter lime on the soil or spread compost. You'll need to put some grass seed in after that. And now is when I confess we have not done that for years. I like moss, and like you said, it's green. It's just not one of my dreams in life to have a perfect lawn!

Sorry to hear you had Covid again but glad you're recovering quickly. Over here the infectious disease experts are telling us to be sure to test for Covid if we aren't feeling well, so we can access drugs to help with it. They said that most people being admitted to hospital because of it don't even know they have Covid, and by then it's rather late in the illness to be taking the drugs that are available. At the same time, I've read that Covid tests are going to be harder to get. Bureaucracy!

sparklingmerlot said...

How lovely to be sick enough to isolate but not too sick to enjoy said isolation.
Moss certainly suggests a lot of dampness.

River said...

I loved George of the Jungle! I haven't heard of The Whale though. I shall look it up. Have you seen Brendan Fraser in "With Honors"? Another of my favourite movies.
Your daffs are very lovely.

Steve Reed said...

Michael: You're taking students to Japan?! That sounds like an adventure for sure!

Andrew: Well, they insist on it only if I want the credit, which I do. I want the phone recycled and I'm not sure how to go about it myself.

Jennifer: It's definitely not an uplifting movie, though some of what happens is positive.

Boud: Ha! Engineered by pets! Entirely possible. :)

Colette: Thanks. It's a drag, but fortunately quite mild.

Ms Moon: I think Brendan Fraser is one of those actors who was constantly underestimated as a younger man.

Sharon: It's entirely possible that the vaccines have kept it mild. The virus has also mutated to become more mild.

Bug: Yeah, I'm sure that's it -- the writers included it because of Topol's death.

Ellen D: I agree! Grass SHOULD have other things growing in it.

Bob: Ha! That's for sure.

Robin: I was surprised Topol was still alive, to be honest. He wasn't all that young (36) when the movie was made!

Red: Agreed!

Ellen: Good for you for steering clear. It's inevitable that I get exposed to all this stuff, working in a school.

Ed: Olga WAS feeling poorly at the beginning of the week. Do you suppose that could have been Covid?! I've heard that pets can carry the virus but I'm not sure they transmit it and it apparently doesn't make them sick.

Allison: We paid £16, so about the same amount. I don't mind paying that for something I really want to see, especially since it would cost that much (if not more) in a cinema.

YP: Yeah, I think that's silly. A lawn is an ecosystem just like everything else in the garden.

Mitchell: I thought Brendan Fraser was so cute back in the '90s, in his "George of the Jungle" days. I never did see that movie, though.

Kelly: I agree. I'm going to let the moss do its thing.

Margaret: They'll probably come through in the spring and do some sort of weed-and-feed treatment, don't you think?

GZ: Yeah, it's definitely soggy and muddy around here. Early spring!

Jenny-O: It's interesting that people are being admitted to the hospital with Covid yet don't know they have it. I think if I were THAT sick I'd have tested. But maybe, as you said, people can't get ahold of tests. (We can buy them at the pharmacy.)

Caro: Lovely, in a way, but honestly I'd rather just be back at work.

River: I've never seen "With Honors." I'll have to look it up!