Wednesday, March 1, 2023

More Blooming Things, and Abu Dhabi

It's after 7 a.m. and I just woke up a few minutes ago. Jet lag, once again! I stayed up late last night reading and now my body thinks it's much earlier than it actually is.

Here are some pics of a few more things blooming in our garden. I've only had time for a quick stroll around out there, but this is what I've noticed so far. First, the primroses in our hanging basket are going gangbusters.

Here's another shot of our daffodils...

...and here are some smaller jonquils (I think?). These are growing from a bulb I found at the cemetery years ago, apparently excavated by some animal and lying on top of the ground. I brought it home and planted it and it's bloomed for me every year since.

Here are the once-glittery hyacinths, at least the ones the squirrels haven't eaten.

I also noticed flowering crocuses, but they looked like they'd been trampled by some critter and so weren't suitable for photography. Since Olga's been at the kennel all last week, I'm blaming the foxes.

Dave just sent word a few minutes ago that he has landed in Muscat, the capital of Oman. Here's a picture he sent of the airport in Abu Dhabi, where he had a layover. It's kind of a cool shot, with the zigzaggy pavement markings and the bendy control tower on the horizon. Remember when we went through Abu Dhabi on our way to the Seychelles years ago?


River said...

Your flowers are lovely. Why is the control tower bendy? On purpose or a miscalculation while building?

Andrew said...

One can only guess what the zig zag lines are about. Your Seychelles post was interesting. I hope it hasn't gone under water yet.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Spring is in the air. I hope Dave is doing well with all the time zones. I loved that post from 2014. Thanks for sharing the link.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I must have climbed aboard The Shadows and Light love train after you had been to the Seychelles. I am now pretty jealous as I would love to go there.

Ed said...

I assume the white zig zags denote the safe to store things area outside of the reach of the plane's wings but I don't think I have ever seen them here in the States. Either they are uniform or don't exist. I'll have to look at some photographs I guess.

Ed said...

I'll have to take that back. I checked a satellite image of my local "international" airport, and they have lines exactly like that. I guess I've just never noticed. But from the satellite view, they are obviously marking out the rough shape of the plane as it enters the gate area and denote the safe zones for people and items to be out of harm's way.

Linda Sue said...

That is a very cool shot that Dave sent!
Springtime over there already! Always a step ahead.
Remember when we met in Dulwich? That is where I finally found a tiny air b&b in which to stay. September- January - Hope to see y'all then! YAY!
Your click back to the Island adventure was stunning, I remember that now, so nice to see it again.

Bob said...

Lovely Spring colors ... makes me smile.

Boud said...

Your spring is so far ahead! We barely have a few daffodils starting, no flowers for a while yet.

I don't envy Dave having to cope with a band tour and new time zones, but I guess he's okay with it.

Ms. Moon said...

It is hard not to be distracted (in such a good way) by all of the blooming things this time of year, isn't it? It's like nature keeps tapping us on the shoulder saying, "Here, here. Look at me! Aren't I lovely?"

ellen abbott said...

those are some crazy pavement markings. and the architecture in the Middle East is pretty awesome.

I never cared for hyacinths all that much because they bloom so close to the ground. and yes, that lone bulb is a jonquil. I had a few in a pot but the first arctic freeze 3 winters ago turned them to mush. in fact all the bulbs I had in pots no matter how big the pot turned to mush.

Sharon said...

I love all the blooms. It looks like spring is making an appearance in London. Glad to hear that Dave has arrived at his destination. More adventures ahead!

Red said...

Along with all your blooms comes spring.

NewRobin13 said...

Those zig-zag lines at the airport are so interesting. I've never noticed anything like that before. And that leaning tower of control is surprising.
Love seeing the spring-time flowers blooming there. So beautiful.

The Bug said...

I love the pop of color from the hyacinths! I'm sure Olga's glad to not be the current crocus villain.

Margaret said...

Beautiful! I'm hoping for some signs of spring SOON. Glad that Dave has arrived. That leaning tower is very modernistic.

Jim Davis said...

The garden is looking good. Glad Dave has arrived, here's hoping he's not dead on his feet tired. That control tower is pretty cool.

Pixie said...

The flowers are lovely, keep the flower pics coming.

Catalyst said...

Love your flowers.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the link to the earlier post - the sunset photo was incredible! Loved the bird, too!

Let's always blame the foxes, whether Olga's been in the garden or not.

sparklingmerlot said...

Dave is quite the jet-setter. He will be glad to get home.

Steve Reed said...

River: LOL! I would hope it's on purpose, but you never know!

Andrew: As I recall the main island (at least) was quite mountainous. So it's probably still there.

Mitchell: He's a bit off kilter but he's managing!

YP: It was an amazing trip. The snorkeling and the tortoises were incredible.

Ed: Thanks for researching the purpose of the lines. I don't remember seeing them before either, but maybe Dave just happened to catch them from an unusual perspective and that's why they look so odd.

Linda Sue: It will be great to see you again! I don't think I've been down to Dulwich since you were here last!

Bob: Spring really DOES brighten things up.

Boud: He seems fine with it, surprisingly. I thought he'd complain more!

Ms Moon: Yeah, it's a nice distraction, for sure. :)

Ellen: Apparently hyacinths bloom with smaller flowers in subsequent years, too, which you can see in my photo. They still smell good, though.

Sharon: Spring is definitely happening, though we're apparently due for another cold snap. :(

Red: Slowly but surely!

Robin: Yeah, the lines seem really different. I think it has to do with the perspective of the photo.

Bug: Well, it could have been her, if she did it early that same morning. But I'll give her the benefit of the doubt!

Margaret: I am feeling the need for a change of seasons, too! I think I'd be really desperate if I didn't have that week in sunny Florida.

Jim: He seems to be doing OK, from what I can tell in his texts!

Pixie: I will, I guarantee it!

Catalyst: I'm glad!

Kelly: Ha! Foxes don't mind being blamed, as long as they can keep scavenging food.

Caro: He's really not, ironically. He'd much rather stay home. I'm a more eager traveler than he is!

Jeanie said...

I think I'm in love with your climate! Oh, to see those blooming outside and know they won't get nailed by Friday's upcoming snow/ice storm.