Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Repeat Performance

Remember "Take Your Laundry to Work Day"? Well, I made the same mistake yesterday -- tidied up the flat before work, put our dirty sheets in a bag, took them to the laundromat only to find it closed, wound up carrying them to work. And only then did my brain say, "Hey, I think I've done this before."

You'd think I'd learn. It was only a year ago.

Anyway, I dropped off the sheets on the way home and also brought some boxes from the office to package up some stuff I plan to give to charity. It wasn't easy carrying two empty boxes and a bag of laundry, so I took the tube rather than walking as usual.

Last night I rented "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" with Humphrey Bogart. Dave doesn't like old movies, especially black-and-white ones, but since he's in Prague I can seize the moment and watch some things that he would normally not want to see. I don't think I've ever watched that movie before, and I enjoyed it. The performances were terrific, though Walter Huston talks so fast I had a hard time understanding him, particularly at the beginning.

Here's a picture of Olga from Sunday in Fortune Green. I wanted to get a shot including those two types of dogwood bushes (not the same dogwood as our trees in the states), with their colorful branches now sprouting with spring leaves. Olga, as usual, is barking at me, not pleased with being posed.

(Top photo: A violet along the Thames Path on Saturday.)


River said...

You don't wash your own sheets?
I like the bright red stems on the dogwood.

Linda Sue said...

I would so love to got to Prague but I would so hate to have Dave's job! Ewww children!! I hope he stays well and solid! The salmon color of the dogwood is intriguing, I don't think I could duplicate it with water colors. Yellow pink sienna? Olga is such a true and patient model- what a good sport!

Andrew said...

I remember when the laundry was closed the last time.

I think our dogwoods are like the US dogwoods, beautiful flowering trees.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I've never been to Prague and have heard it's fascinating. If I do it though, I'll do it without the kids. I love Olga's thing about posing... and yours about taking laundry to work.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You may be a clever, articulate and well-read guy but you take your laundry to work! Not so clever after all - but at least you can laugh at yourself which is kind of healthy.

Ed said...

I'm a sucker for "old" movies but I'm thinking about "The Godfather" or perhaps "Goonies" aged movies. I have a feeling that "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" would be too old and to different from modern movie practices for my tastes, even though I've never seen it.

Bob said...

I love a good old movie and have never seen Treasure ... I'll have to look for it.

Ms. Moon said...

I can just see you lugging your laundry to work again. Sometimes the simplest plans do go awry, don't they?

ellen abbott said...

Marc often has the TV on Turner Classic Movies when there's nothing specific he wants to watch so old movies are on a lot here. What mostly strikes me is the women and more specifically their boobs, natural normal sized breasts, small compared to the enormous enhanced fake boobs actresses seem to think are needed to get work these days. and perhaps they are.

The Bug said...

Man time really flies - it feels like it was just a few weeks ago that you had to lug your laundry to work. Ha!

Ellen D. said...

I have had a few of those little violets popping up in my garden and I am so happy to see them.
I love the photo of those bushes that seem to be glowing! I almost missed seeing Olga there.

NewRobin13 said...

I think the library needs to get a washing machine and dryer. It would make life so much easier.

Sharon said...

I can't remember seeing that movie but I bet I have. My parents loved Humphrey Bogart.

Kelly said...

Some channel here has been showing the old Perry Mason movies (there were tons of them!) and the original TV series, so my husband has been watching those.

I love how Olga is "telling you about it" in that photo!

Margaret said...

Take your Laundry to Work Day--LOL. I hope it wasn't smelly laundry! I'm mostly with Dave although I do enjoy a few (very few) old films. Part of my problem is that I absolutely abhor the Mid-Atlantic accent so any time the actors are speaking in that, I'm out.

The bike shed said...

I love old movies - the problem is movies I think are quite modern (like, say The Deer Hunter) I now realise are forty years old! I can't stand modern action movies full of false jeopardy and crash-bang action scenes that you know will not kill the hero...zzz. I'm not very good at suspending belief I guess.
Last week I watched the Banshees of Ininisherin - oh wow; I thought that was spellbinding; brilliant in fact.

Boud said...

I find old movies very slow, actors movements stiff and self conscious. I think it's a big contrast to today's technology and reduced attention span. A lot of actors used to have theater careers, and maybe that's why some took to movies well, some didn't.

Bindu said...

So cute Olga!

John Going Gently said...

I hated that movie and always felt guilty about it because of the good reviews

Beth Reed said...

I Love old B&W movies. I remember that movie from watching it on Turner Classic Movies around 2009 or so. I know I would enjoy it again so I might have to see about finding it to see again.

I remember the post from last year where you took your laundry to work lol. Sometimes we are just destined to repeat things over and again lol. At least you remembered to take them from work and dropping them off to be cleaned haha. I have walked out of my work before leaving my Chef's jackets and hats at work instead of taking them home to clean. Sheesh, our memories are not the best once we start aging.

Have a great rest of the week. When will Dave be home?

Jeanie said...

I'd watch those old b/w movies with you! Even the ones I've seen before and I've een plenty. That one is a good one!

Catalyst said...

OMG, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. One of my all-time favorites. What's wrong with Dave anyway?

Steve Reed said...

River: I take sheets and towels to the laundromat. We don't have anywhere to hang sheets, especially in winter, and the dryer never gets them completely dry.

Linda Sue: Yeah, I agree. The kids ruin the trip! LOL! That IS a very unusual color.

Andrew: Yeah, that's what we have in the states -- southern dogwoods.

Mitchell: Prague is beautiful but it's like Venice -- a city of tourists. (At least in the city center.)

YP: You got to laugh to keep from cryin', as I often say.

Ed: It's amazing how contemporary some old movies can seem. If they're well made they still stand the test of time.

Bob: If you like westerns it's an especially good one.

Ms Moon: I don't know what I was thinking. To be fair, it's VERY strange that the laundromat opens so late. Usually they want the pre-work crowd.

Ellen: And it's always so funny to see the men who were considered dashing sex symbols in their day. Clark Gable? Really?

Bug: A year passes quickly!

Ellen D: Those violets are a weed here. I like them but they do grow everywhere. They're all over our patio.

Robin: I'll suggest it! LOL

Sharon: If they were Bogie lovers I'm sure you've seen it. It's one of his best known films.

Kelly: I love those Perry Mason TV shows. I've seen them all, I think. I'm not sure I've seen many full-length movies, though.

Margaret: Ha! Well, that wasn't the speech pattern in this movie, at least.

Bike Shed: I haven't seen "Banshees" yet. I should watch it. I agree about modern action-hero movies. They're just not my thing.

Boud: I think it depends on the movie. Some seem quite stiff -- particularly REALLY old ones -- but beginning in the '50s the "method" actors began doing things more naturally.

Bindu: She is cute, I agree. :)

John: Why did you hate it? Maybe westerns don't resonate in Wales!

Beth: Dave comes home tomorrow (Fri) night. Yes, I did remember not to leave the laundry at work, so that's something!

Jeanie: I have a feeling if we'd been watching it together, I'd have been constantly asking, "What did he say?" (About Walter Huston.)

Catalyst: I KNOW! He is just not an old-movie person.