Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Back to Routines, with Drink Coasters

I would be hard-pressed to tell you what I did yesterday. That's how exciting my day was. I basically sat on the couch and read an entire issue of the New Yorker, including stories about the demise of the English major and the downfall of German payments company Wirecard, as well as another one of Elizabeth Kolbert's we're-all-screwed environmental articles.

Oh, and I took a shower. And cut my hair. (Yes, I always cut my own hair, basically shaving my head.)

Olga's dog-walker came so we weren't responsible for getting her any exercise, and we were still technically isolating even though we felt fine and I tested Covid-negative in the morning. So we couldn't have gone anywhere public -- at least, not indoors -- even if we wanted to.

But that has all changed as of today! Woo hoo! We are free birds once again, able to rejoin society and hopefully immune to Covid to boot, at least for a while. We're both off to work and back to our normal routines.

Oh, actually, I did walk Olga yesterday morning. We did our normal loop through the neighborhood and while on the nearby housing estate I found a skip full of kitchenware. Someone threw out pretty much the entire contents of their kitchen, it looked like. I saved a colander (not sure why since we already have two) as well as these drink coasters. They are made to look somewhat scuffed. That's part of their cool retro vibe. They're actually in almost perfect condition.

Dave ordered in some groceries from Ocado, and I finally got some kitchen cleanser so was able to clean the kitchen sink and the bathroom. I've been wanting to do it for days. We also got some bird food so the feeders are full once again and right now there's a fat pigeon on the seed tray and a flock of fluttering tits on the suet feeder.

In short, it's back to life as usual.

(Top photo: The hellebores in our garden. This is a photo from my big camera, which I'm still using now and then.)


sparklingmerlot said...

You really find some interesting stuff on your walks. Those coasters are fabulous. The most I find is discarded McDonalds' crap and dog poo.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Those drinks coasters are a great find. I couldn't bring myself to use a found colander no matter how much I sterilized it.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Fluttering tits are a fine sight to see. Preferable to flabby flopping tits in my discerning opinion. I like the fact that one of the coasters advertises Builders' Tea. Perhaps you can paint in the missing apostrophe.

Bob said...

Amazing what people toss out. Why not give it to a charity shop?

Bindu said...

Those coasters look lovely!
Are they metal?

The Bug said...

I would like some clotted cream tea please!

Ms. Moon said...

Excellent road-side find.
And I'm so glad you are back to work today! Hurray!

ellen abbott said...

I do like the coasters but down here they would just collect condensation and drip on you when you picked up the glass. and I love the hellebores. I'm going to see if I can find some as I looked them up and are hardy to zone 9.

Ellen D. said...

You have a good eye for finding treasures on your walks! You could start a little resale shop to sell all of the wonderful things you find.
I cut my own hair too!
Enjoy being back at the school library!

Ed said...

I love those coasters!

We have quite a collection of cast iron pans, griddles, etc. that we have essentially gotten free from others getting rid of them. I have enjoyed reviving those rusty things to the well seasoned nice to cook in pans they are now. I can't imagine our life without them anymore.

Sharon said...

I love those coasters. That is a great find. Another pretty flower from your garden too.
Glad to hear you are free to get back to normal life once again.

NewRobin13 said...

So good to know all is well there and everything is back to normal, or at least as normal as it gets these days.

Jeanie said...

Those coasters are a fabulous find! I'm glad you're back to normal. And by the way, the hellebores are gorgeous!

Boud said...

I wonder why the kitchen items were just tossed. They're always welcome on free cycle and at thrifties. Shabby chic coasters. They could also double as wall decor in the kitchen.

Margaret said...

I like those coasters! Yay for freedom...to go to work. LOL

Red said...

It's hard to stay in when you feel well.

gz said...

Good to be back to usual.
Those coasters are a good find

Kelly said...

I love coasters and those are really cute! I like the tin they came in, too.

Allison said...

Your trash pickings are always good. Wonder why they dumpstered good stuff. Glad you're better and released from isolation.

Debby said...

I love the hellbores. And those coasters. Now I have to go back and see if I can figure out how you came across them. I've gotten behind on blogs!

Catalyst said...

The coasters are fantastic and just in time for St. Paddy's Day!

River said...

Love the coasters. Your hellebores are beautiful, I tell myself every year that I will buy and plant some next season and every year I forget.

Steve Reed said...

Caro: I find a lot of that too! LOL

Mitchell: Ha! I saw something on a gardening show about using them for planters, which I thought was an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I'll ever do it.

YP: Maybe that's the brand name? LOL

Bob: YES! THAT'S WHAT I SAY! Why are people so lazy they can't haul a bag of perfectly good stuff to a charity shop?!

Bindu: They are metal with cork bottoms.

Bug: I think clotted cream sounds so disgusting, even though it's basically butter.

Ms Moon: So am I!

Ellen: They have cork on the bottom so I don't think condensation would get to the table surface, but yeah, the top would definitely get wet.

Ellen D: Self-cutting hair saves a LOT of money!

Ed: It's amazing what people throw out.

Sharon: Yeah, it's nice to get back to normal.

Robin: LOL! Yeah, what IS normal?!

Jeanie: I love the hellebores. It's so nice to have something blooming in the winter.

Boud: So many people just can't be bothered.

Margaret: Yeah, it's nice to get back to routines!

Red: It is! Especially when I can't even do anything fun because I'm "isolating."

GZ: I was happy with them!

Kelly: Yeah, the tin is great too!

Allison: I have found a lot of good stuff at that housing estate. I'm not sure why the pickings are particularly good there.

Debby: I don't think I mentioned them before this post. I just found them in a dumpster. (I always look in the dumpsters when I walk the dog, when they're sitting out in the parking lot at the housing estate waiting for pickup.)

Catalyst: Perfect timing! LOL

River: We don't always succeed with them. We've planted three and only one is still alive. I'm not sure they like our clayey soil.