Friday, March 31, 2023

Triffids, Trump and a Tray of Bulbs

I found this curious sign in Hampstead when I went with Dave to the Royal Free Hospital a couple of weeks ago. I've seen the movie version of "The Day of the Triffids," but I've never read the book -- and apparently it makes reference to an alleyway in this neighborhood that's very similar to (and may in fact be) this one. Here's a link and here's another one about how it got its name.

I checked out the book from our library; maybe I'll try it this weekend.

So the Trumpster is being indicted, apparently. I'm of two minds about this. Obviously I'd like to see him held accountable for what I'm sure is only a tiny, tiny fraction of all the illegal things he's done over the years as a power-mad narcissist and world-class slimeball, but I'm concerned about how this will invigorate his base. There's no talking sense to these people. It's the strangest political situation anyone could imagine. Trump is supported by all these evangelical Christians who think he's an agent of God and dismiss his philandering and bluster as mere human foibles -- "Nobody's perfect," they say. Payments to a porn star? No problem! And yet the same people hate the Clintons for their alleged immorality, even though the Clintons are much closer to them culturally than Donald Trump could ever be.

I doubt seriously that even an indictment and a conviction will slow Trump down. His supporters will simply dismiss it as more persecution by the Deep State. We have entered the Upside Down, like on "Stranger Things."

Then again, Trump has delivered for the religious right. Look at the Supreme Court. Look at Roe v. Wade.

I'm not against the indictment -- not by a long shot. I'm merely wary. It doesn't solve the Trump problem.

This is an elaborate floral display that decorated an event at school not long ago. It's hard to see against the backdrop of our garden, but it's a wide glass bowl with about a dozen flower bulbs planted in it -- crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, grape hyacinths and a few other plants. When the event ended the planter moved into the library, where it sat on my desk, and finally -- as the flowers had faded -- I brought it home. I figured I could plant the bulbs in the garden.

So that's what I did yesterday evening after work. They're looking a little floppy, but next year they'll hopefully come up and grow strong. (Assuming the squirrels don't excavate and eat them.) I hope I planted them deep enough. I scattered them all over the garden. I'm taking the bowl back to work -- maybe someone will want it. Amid my efforts to clear our clutter, I do not!


Moving with Mitchell said...

I've never read Day of the Triffids either. Maybe it's time. I don't know what to think of the Trump indictment. It's satisfying but, as you suggested, it's probably the most minor of all he's accused of. And he's even being defended by sitting Republicans. I would like to see him indicted on every single thing he's accused of, although I don't know what they will bring. What a bizarre country right now.

Andrew said...

I would never wish death upon anyone, but a premature death of Trump, who does not appear to lead a healthy lifestyle, would solve so much. Only horrid DeSantis to worry about then.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Before a summons to court, most people would keep quiet about it - mot trumpeting the prospect of conviction. In contrast, Trump wants everybody to know - stirring up his army of numbskulls. In America, people are meant to be equal in the eyes of the law but as in "Animal Farm" the GOP mobsters obviously think that some should be more equal than others.

Ed said...

I'm a bit more optimistic about the effect of these indictments on Trump and I hope my explanation doesn't shock you too much. In our state, we have to sign up for one political party or another if we want to vote in the caucus. It isn't like a primary. Although I consider myself an independent, years ago I switched to the Republican party to caucus with, simply because in our state, I felt I could make more of an impact by choosing moderates. I've been unsuccessful as every Republican I have ever voted for in our caucus has gone on to drop out of the presidential race. I've voted for a few very moderate Republicans locally who have won.

All this is to say that when I've attended our caucus the time Trump got elected, there were a lot of people who simply voted for Trump because they felt the wave coming from the redneck and conservative Christians supporting him. During the second election, many of them still voted for him because there were no other choices other than President Biden. (Fun fact, I was the only one in my precinct to not vote for Trump and I'm glad it was a secret ballot because they were very irked when it was announced that there was one dissenting vote!) I think this go around, if he makes it to the first of next year when the primaries and caucuses start up, there will be (and already are) a few other choices for the Republican nomination and many of those who vote Republican for moderates, or at least for people who are bat shit crazy, will not vote for him.

Personally as an independent, I'm not looking forward to this next caucus in our state as I haven't seen anybody running for President on the Republican ticket that I can in good conscious vote for. I may once again do a protest vote for President and just vote lower down on the ticket.

Jennifer said...

So I heard someone say recently that when one indictment comes out, several more will follow. The person's reasoning was that it's hard to be first for something so unprecedented as indicting a former president, but once it's happened, it will be easier and easier for more indictments to follow. We can only hope!

Still, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the breaking news yesterday!! Time to grab the popcorn!

Jackie See said...

Your comments wish death to another human being????????? Name calling???? Wow! I am leaving, this conversation is evil.

Jeanie said...

The only Star Trek episode I remember clearly was "The Trouble with Triffids." I didn't know that there were triffids before Captain Kirk.

I have similar feelings about the indictment. This could get very ugly very fast. And DT will be the one to ignite it. Donald makes the Clintons look like choir kids. And he's been able to get away with it for so long. It's certainly the most embarrassing of the potential indictments (Georgia, Jan. 6, etc.) and those seem so much worse.

I just don't know what has happened to our country. And you're right. It doesn't solve the problem and he must be stopped while we still have a country left that's worth living in. (Which gets more debatable every day.)

I always buy hyacinths and daffodil gardens with the plan to plant them after they have bloomed. And they never seem to get into the ground. This year. I promise.

Ms. Moon said...

Good save on the bulbs! Hurray! I, too, hope they come up again next years, strong and straight!
As to Trump- I've given up trying to figure anything out. Yes, we are in the Upside Down, Bizarro World, 1984. He is the Human Fart, the Orange Intestine, the World's Biggest Narcissist and Hypocrite. And his followers love him for all of that.

Boud said...

There are more indictments in the works. This one is just the least significant to the national interest. Let's see what Georgia does.

NewRobin13 said...

I was so happy with yesterday's indictment news. I am also worried that it will ignite an already flaming right wing insanity. It's hard to see which way things will go right now. But I am glad that schmuck will always be in history the first former President to be indicted. Yes!
Nice save on those bulbs. I hope they love their new home.

Gidget Blue Sky said...

your right, it won't solve the trump problem, but i can't wait to see him get arrested.

Ellen D. said...

Like Jennifer says, I am hoping that more indictments will follow.
I can't wait for the day when we don't have to hear about him anymore...

Linda Sue said...

30 counts of business fraud as well as other indictments pending, Jan 6th being one, so our tiny handed orange gas will be kept busy before he becomes the nominee, which he will do,probably, given the lack of inteelect or the GOP, But the constitution has never dealt with this sort of thing so, like Warren Jeffs, the orange baby could rule from prison...Crazy!
The t Rump problem goes deep- each Rump state trying to out do idiocy- seems to be a competition.

Sharon said...

I have the same mixed feelings about the indictment. On one hand, I'm jubilant and on the other, I'm worried about all his deranged supporters. Two of our idiot representatives (Gosar & Biggs) have already said some pretty demented things. I feel like politics today is in an all out war against sanity.
That must have been a gorgeous centerpiece. I'm glad you saved the bulbs and replanted them.

Kelly said...

I read the Wyndham book several years ago and loved it! Do read it!

Bill Clinton MIGHT be a little more culturally close to that group, but never Hillary!

Bob said...

As for Thing 45, his base is smaller than 2020; they're still loud and red-hatted and ignorant AF, but it's slightly smaller. A telling sign, when he held his rally in wacko Texas, people began leaving while he was speaking to avoid the rush out of the event. If your minions want to beat traffic instead of listen to your drivel, that says a lot.
Many n the GOP are done with the histrionics of the criminal and want to move on, but, yeah, there are still some who can't see the facts.

Margaret said...

First of all, Tribbles. I have one in my garage as a certified (certifiable?) ST nerd. I too am wary of what this indictment will do to the far right. They already threaten to attack the foundations of this country, like the Constitution. They are armed and this might or will inflame them. I wish DT had been indicted for his Georgia phone calls or January 6th instead. Right now I wish I lived abroad for a multitude of reasons. :(

ellen abbott said...

I think this is the first of several indictments though even if convicted of this one I think I've read that it doesn't disqualify him from running for president but hopefully the ones to follow will. and of course it won't change the minds of his core but it might be enough to lose some who have just tolerated him. We'll see. the far right fascists in the House are, of course lying and screaming about witch hunts and weaponized law enforcement. they're going after Bragg but he didn't indict Trump, a jury of average American citizens did.

maybe you should call your garden 'the Garden of Rescued Plants'.

Red said...

The Trump problem is bigger than trump. He is so irrational that nothing is off the table for his options.

jenny_o said...

I agree with Red; the problem is bigger than Trump. Look at Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobart. They are carrying the torch for the craziness now. And Kevin MacCarthy is supporting the extreme views, and hurrying to investigate everyone on the other side of the aisle just as he claims was done "for political reasons" by the Dems. What worries me about the indictment is that it will be turned around and used freely against Democrats just because it has been used (for good reason) against a Republican.

On a less blood-pressure-raising note, that flower arrangement must have been beautiful. Well done on that rescue! I bet it was heavy to carry, though, with all that dirt in it!

jenny_o said...

*Boebart. Never let it be said that my political views overshadow the courtesy of spelling a person's name correctly, lol

Catalyst said...

I believe at least three more indictments are coming for the man from various prosecutors. Tied up in courts should finish out his lifespan with no other political wins in his future. At least, that's what I'm hoping. And wondering if the MAGA crowd will ever come to their senses.

The bike shed said...

Hi Steve - re your comment on my blog - you can catch up on the recording here

As for Trump ... oh that he would just go away for good.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: Bizarre, indeed. I never thought I'd see such a situation.

Andrew: I used to think DeSantis would be better than Trump, but now I'm not so sure. That man is terrifying.

YP: Exactly. He's trying to whip up support.

Ed: That doesn't shock me at all! In fact it seems very smart and strategic. I worry that people will once again feel like Trump has momentum and support him for that reason.

Jennifer: Well, that's an interesting theory. I wonder if prosecutors in Georgia would be able to seat a jury to convict Trump.

Jackie See: He specifically said he DIDN'T wish death to Trump, but hey, you do what you gotta do. Seeing that you name The Bible as your favorite book in your Google profile, I'm thinking I will periodically say things that upset you.

Jeanie: Those were TRIBBLES, a whole different creature! "The Day of the Triffids" was an old sci-fi movie with Howard Keel and Janette Scott, from 1962. (Based on the book I'm reading now and for which the alley was named.)

Ms Moon: Exactly. They love the fact that sensible, educated, secular people hate him.

Boud: I hope so. As I said above, I'm worried about the prospects for conviction in Georgia.

Robin: Yeah, there's certainly something to be said for giving him this place in history!

Gidget: Apparently he will not wear handcuffs, or so I've been told. But the mug shot should be entertaining.

Ellen D: I agree! Won't that be amazing?!

Linda Sue: Surely, SURELY, the majority of American people wouldn't elect someone who's in prison. (Or at risk of going to prison.) I just gotta think voters will have more sense than that.

Sharon: You DO have some crazy congress people there in Arizona. (How long until Kari Lake joins them? Ugh!)

Kelly: Ha! Yes, Hillary's background is more rarified, it's true. But you'd think being First Lady in Arkansas counts for something?

Bob: I hope so. I hadn't heard that about the Waco rally. I think a lot of them are people who don't really monitor or understand politics, but who are just angry and feel invisible and fill their heads with a lot of nonsense and bigotry.

Margaret: As I told Jeanie above, triffids and tribbles are different critters! Living overseas helps, but things are just as crazy in other countries. It seems like everywhere we're battling this surge of right-wing populism.

Ellen: The bar for indictment is lower than it is for conviction. And as you said, even if convicted, he could still be a political force. Imagine, a president AND a convicted felon!

Red: You're right, it's not even about the man. If Trump disappeared these people would line up behind DeSantis or someone else. Trump does seem to have a strange magnetism over them, though.

Jenny-O: Absolutely. There will always be fringe people out there, as well as voters who support them. Lauren Boebert just BARELY hung on to her seat in the last election, though. I think some of these people might be pushed out if a more reasonable candidate appeared to run against them. (Or maybe that's wishful thinking!)

Catalyst: I just don't think I could stand it if he runs WHILE he's tied up in court -- and still wins! It's possible!

Bike Shed: THANK YOU for the link! So sorry I missed the talk!

Jackie See said...

Steve, I am not upset. I just don't see hatred from any one person as being good. It is the evil that is dividing us. I want debate, I want conversation. I will respect your opinions. But this hate talk, from all sides, is bleeding into our children and grandchildren. I see hate everywhere I go now. When is it going to be enough? hate spreads hate, and it is spreading like fire amongst people who have more in common that not. Yes, I read my Bible daily. I need hope, faith and forgiveness in order to be a happy person. You don't? that is your choice, and none of my business. I just want the hate to stop, on both sides and all the way in between. I think we have more in common than you give me credit for. Please, please, I ask all of you to teat others with respect and kindness, the hate is a wild fire that is spreading like a disease.

jenny_o said...

Just realized I STILL didn't get Boebert's name right when I corrected it before. I think it's right now -hah

Debby said...

The problem is not going to end with tRUMP. There are a lot of crazies out there. Did you know that Missouri's voted to defund public libraries? 100%? They also instituted a dress code for women in government.

Beth Reed said...

Yay Trump was indicted.
I don't hold a positive view of that. He will make sure that the appeals will take years and years and he will have his shot at the presidency yet again. He is already making Millions from his base to ensure that he has enough money for whatever he wants or needs. It is just another way for him to exploit the American people. The entire thing me sick. He makes me sick!
From what I am reading, he has already been attacking the judge that is supposed to be overseeing his arraignment on Tuesday. He is so pathetic and I agree with you about your concerns over his base.

Ok in other news lol... I love that Bowl, please may I have it? Gosh it is really perfect for what I would like. I want to make a parfait type of desert, but the beauty of the desert is also that it is made in a clear dish to see the beautiful design and the different colors of the berries used.
Of course, it would be too costly for it to be shipped to me, so I was only kidding about having it, but gosh if you have school luncheons or a party, let me know and I can send you the recipe and it is really really a easy one. Then you can leave the bowl at work and maybe it will go to a good home with a few more ideas on how to use it.

I am off to read your next post and btw your garden is going to be stunning as usual.