Thursday, April 27, 2023

Penguins, Peace Signs and Banana Skins

Time for my end-of-the-month collection of random photos. I find if I do two of these posts per month, I can mop up many of the pictures I haven't blogged elsewhere. And unless you want to hear about my work life -- compiling database statistics, re-shelving, doing annual inventory -- this is the way to go today!

First, a meditation on the color red.

Do you remember the sad tree I blogged several weeks ago? (In my last post of random photos, actually.) I wondered if it was about to come down, but apparently not. Whoever owns it erected a new fence and it looks like it's staying put, which is good.

This is a photo of my computer screen while it's showing an episode of "That Girl" from 1970 or so -- one of my "comfort food" TV shows that I sometimes watch when I need something uncomplicated. I liked perfect boyfriend Don Hollinger's groovy peace-symbol tie! It would probably cost a mint in a vintage store nowadays.

Someone has developed the annoying habit of regularly leaving a banana skin on a wall around the corner from our flat. Apparently they're also Millwall fans.

I came across this peculiar sticker in Vienna. Turns out it's a band. Not really my style, musically, but it's a fun name.

Other fun band names I encountered recently at the Roundhouse here in London: The Moldy Peaches, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and Blackberry Smoke.

I liked this sticker, also from Vienna. I'd hug back!

This seal adorns the corner of a building in Vienna. I'm guessing it used to be a fur shop. I can't imagine why else a seal would be there.

And finally, a fun sign from a Vienna nightspot. That cat is on the ceiling! (A new twist on the Internet meme ceiling cat?)


gz said...

I like the cat!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love all these ... except for that disgusting banana habit. I'm glad you explained the “hug” one. I stared perplexed thinking I WANT A BROCCOLI SPEAR FROM YOU???

sparklingmerlot said...

Interesting mix of photos as always. My fave is the last. Can't go past a crazy looking black cat!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"I WANT A ..... FROM YOU!" That's not a hug buddy, nor is it a broccoli spear, it's a fart! And trust me, I certainly do NOT want a fart from you!

River said...

Yuk on the banana peels.

Ed said...

All the other trees have leafed out but that one hasn't yet. It looks dead to me.

Perhaps the seal was advertising a "Tupperware" shop where a good seal was what they advertised.

Ms. Moon said...

I loved That Girl but I thought Don was a huge wimp. What in the hell did she see in him? Dang but Marlo was adorable.
Those red blossoms are a pure glory.
I'm not sure why but the banana peels are terrifically disgusting to me. Better they should be thrown in the dirt where they can break down and become fertilizer.
Also- "the rollin' cat" seems to me to be a feline nod towards the ever-cool Rolling Stones.

Debby said...

I also wondered if that tree were dead. You'll have to wander back for another look at it later in the summer.

That cat on the ceiling is funny stuff. I really like your random photograph posts.

Jeanie said...

This is a fun photo collection! I do like Don's tie -- you're right -- it would cost a fortune in a vintage store but it's great. "That Girl" is like comfort food, as so many of those shows from that period are.

The Bug said...

That seal looks supercilious - ha!

Boud said...

Marlo Thomas' redeeming feature is her connection with St Jude's marvellous work. I watched that show once or twice before deciding life's too short for more.

I wonder about the seal, too. Maybe it was a seal of approval?

Ellen D. said...

Great mix of photos, Steve. I used to love to watch That Girl but I agree with Mary Moon - what did she see in Donald?
Thanks for explaining the hugging tree as I couldn't figure that one out.
Now that seal will bother me because I cannot find out what is it there for?

NewRobin13 said...

Great collection of random photos, Steve. I had forgotten all about "That Girl." Love that groovy tie.

Sharon said...

Those banana skins are on the disgusting side. a Good selections of signs. Interesting name for a band and I bet you are right about the seal on that building.

Red said...

Pizza and billiard is an interesting combination.

Tasker Dunham said...

Penguins - the subject of one of my favourite jokes.

Kelly said...

I asked about that tree when you posted it without the fence. I'm still not convinced it's alive. I'm going to need proof when (if!) it leafs out. Rainbow Kitten Surprise! I wonder if I can find a sample of their music anywhere?

Margaret said...

I have a black cat, although not as fluffy as that one! The banana peels--ugh.

Jim Davis said...

I love that cat!!!

Steve Reed said...

GZ: Me too!

Mitchell: Ha! I gotta admit I didn't even consider a broccoli spear, but now that you say it I can see that.

Caro: It's a very eye-catching sign, isn't it?!

YP: Ha! A fart on a stalk?

River: I agree.

Ed: It definitely had leaves last year, but yeah, it does seem like it should be leafing out by now. I'll have to walk over again soon and see what's up.

Ms Moon: Oh, see, I disagree. I always thought Donald was ideal boyfriend material. Someone has removed the banana peels, I'm happy to report. (And for once it wasn't me.)

Debby: Yeah, I'll check it out again soon.

Jeanie: It was one of the first shows I can remember that made me feel excited about urban life. (While I was growing up in a sleepy suburb.)

Bug: He has reason to turn up his nose at humanity!

Boud: Yeah, Marlo has done a lot of good, from her connection to Ms. magazine and second-wave feminism to "Free to Be, You and Me." (Which I personally consider the high point of her career!)

Ellen D: There's probably information online somewhere about that seal. I should look. So many Donald skeptics in this crowd! LOL

Robin: Isn't it great? It seems surprisingly political for a prime-time sit com in that era.

Sharon: I looked up that German word beneath the seal but it didn't help. Google translates it as "To Robe." A dress shop, maybe? Or department store?

Red: They kind of go together, don't they? I feel like every place I've ever played pool serves pizza and beer. (Not that I've played much pool.)

Tasker: Well, you can't say that and not tell the joke!

Kelly: It was alive as of last summer, I'm sure of that. Unless it died during the winter I think it will leaf out again. I will follow up!

Margaret: Yeah, that's a big ol' fluffy cat!

Jim: It's a pretty creative sign, isn't it?!

ellen abbott said...

weird about the banana peels. maybe whoever thinks they are providing food for something. and I would never have gotten 'hug' from that sticker. I want a 'tree' from you? it looks like that cat was painted with enamel since it's reflecting the tile and the name.

Steve Reed said...

Ellen: I think the cat is actually a piece of plastic with some lighting behind it. It's quite an ingenious sign!