Friday, May 30, 2008


Bob and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie last night. It was a thoroughly ridiculous, over-the-top, implausible film -- people going over huge waterfalls in boats, being shot at with machine guns, crashing in cars, and yet always managing to walk away without so much as a scratch. But it was also tons of fun, and in the end, we both agreed we liked it. Funny how a movie doesn’t have to be believable to work.

If you have plenty of spare time, you should read Emily Gould’s piece in The New York Times Magazine about living life on the Internet as a blogger. I haven’t read Emily’s blogs, and judging from the article, she probably runs on a bit too much. But I think she’s a good writer, and being a blogger myself I could identify with some of the issues she raises.

And then there’s this hilarious look at Facebook etiquette in real life.

(Photo: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, May 2008)


  1. I'm afraid to see the new Indiana Jones movie because I loved the first one so much. Like The Matrix, the first I.J. movie was exactly like a comic book. Every scene, every frame of the film could have been an illustration.

    Love NON gory movies. I tried to watch Eastern Promises last night - gave up after 5 minutes. Too gruesome! Too bad, since I really like Viggo Mortenson.

    Happy weekend, Steve!

  2. spare time: not really but I'm a speed-reader, thank goodness. Gould makes some interesting points but I agree - her paper is at least five pages too long.

    Bon weekend, Steve.

  3. My kids, now in their thirties, still kid me for waiting outside the theater in a folding chair to buy tickets for the first Indy movie.

  4. does Bob have a blog? i read Gould's piece and it was too long and I agreed with her ex boyfriends--she shouldn't have been publishing personal things about them if it bothered them.

  5. thanks for the head's up on gould's piece. yeah it was a bit too long, she has some interesting encounters with fellow bloggers inevitably ends up discussing the art and practice of blogging -most of us agree it's another outlet for creative impulses and one always does walk a tightrope of what to disclose and what not to ....

    blogging, like life can be quite complicated or quite simple - it depends on how you approach it and what you expect from it.

    I can't wait to see the new indy movie!

    have a great weekend.

  6. couldn't be bothered to get past page 4 of emily gould.

    but the vid. on Facebook is hysterical - excellent!

    also looking forward to Indie