Sunday, May 18, 2008


We had beautiful weather yesterday. I went walking in the East Village in the morning and had a cup of coffee in Tompkins Square Park, under a sunny clear sky. I watched the locals watch their dogs romping in the dog run -- dogs are so funny, exploding with enthusiasm when, after being cooped up in an apartment, they’re released into the company of other canines. No matter the breed, they go right back to their wild dog roots, racing around and barking and humping and getting into little skirmishes.

I came home and cleaned out my CD collection in the afternoon, burning parts of them onto iTunes and hauling the carcasses to the Housing Works Thrift Store. That condensed my music collection into songs I actually like, rather than songs I have to tolerate to get to the ones I like. Now I have to back everything up, but I have lots of nice blank space along that wall.

Last night I went to a “bachelor party” for two gay friends who plan to get married -- ceremonially, if not legally. (They’re doing it here in New York, where legal is still not an option.) Alas, I had to leave before the stripper got there.

(Photo: Tribeca, April 2008)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Our weather was fantastic, too - Colorado weather.

I walked around all day, took pics, found a pair of Chaco walking sandals (retail $150) for $1 at a yard sale, looked at books at Kramerbooks, got a slight sunburn. Excellent day of relaxation.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your friends. Perhaps in the next few years we will emerge from our ignorance and allow happy people to marry legally.

Anonymous said...

and what if, on hearing you had already left, the stripper's first words were also. "alas."
Think on these things, Steve.

Anonymous said...

You sound so organized! I'm impressed with your approach to managing CD's. Most people just let them get completely out of hand.