Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When I lived in Morocco 15 years ago, I picked up silver Berber men’s rings at markets and souks whenever I found one I liked. They were inexpensive -- the equivalent of $5 or so -- and all handmade. I had a collection of about ten of them, and I used to wear two favorites pretty much every day.

Back in the states, after a few years, I switched to a silver bracelet (also Moroccan) and put the rings away. I haven’t worn them now for about 8 years. I put four of them in a shadowbox in my hallway with some other small tchotchkes, and sold the rest to a Moroccan crafts store on Ninth Avenue.

Over the weekend, I got out my two old favorites again, and I wore them Monday and yesterday. But it’s funny -- over the years my hands have become used to being ring-free, and they rebelled! Those rings really bothered me. I was aware of them all the time, how they felt, and wanted to take them off at every opportunity. Last night, I put them back in the shadowbox.

I may wear them from time to time, but it’s funny how my body has changed, and my awareness. I’m sure I’d eventually get used to them again, but now I’m even less of a jewelry-wearer than I ever was -- so maybe the shadowbox is where they belong!

(Photo: Jersey Street, SoHo, May 2008)


  1. I, too, have a hard time wearing rings these days - being a bodyworker means they're not something I can wear at work. They feel binding or something.

    As you know, I love that bracelet you wear. It radiates beautiful energy. It's a perfect piece for you.

    Love the pic!

  2. Ah! Had I known you had spent time in Morocco, I would've quizzed you relentlessly at yonder gathering...

    Have always been completely addicted to the old music of the folks in the Rif; Jajouka and all that. Some of the most phenomenal music in the world. And that alone has made it an imperative to visit some day. Hopefully before all the traditional musicians die out (although Bachir Attar is keeping the songs alive, methinks)


  3. I haven't worn jewelry for ages- except for pins because I don't feel the pressure of them. Can't even stand a watch most of the time. But I love my Tibetan amber beads and intricate Thai bracelet and rings. So I do the same thing: keep them out somewhere I can look at them and enjoy their beauty. It works fine for me too.

  4. it's funny to think about jewelry habits. I wear five rings... which seems excessive, but they are all simple and plain bands and each has some deep significance for me. the only time I wear less than these five rings is during particularly hot spells in the summer when my hands seem to swell. I'm so used to wearing rings when I'm ringless I feel naked - which feels both quite liberating and odd.

    in my rings perhaps I'm shackled by sentiment...

    next view into your apartment, post a picture of the shadowbox of treasures - I'm sure I'm not the only curious cat

  5. I take my rings and bracelets off at night sometimes, especially in summer--

  6. Perhaps it is your spirit of simplicity telling you that rings and things are a distraction.

  7. Actually, I'm wearing 'em again today, and they do seem less annoying. Guess I'm getting used to them again.

  8. It's funny- I have a pretty extensive jewelry collection, but I wear hardly any of it. Usually, I have a few current "faves" that I wear all the time, until I get tired of them and put them away. Then my "faves" change. An old favorite never really gets a second chance. I wonder if that is similar to what you are talking about?