Thursday, May 15, 2008

Melanie: epilogue

After my Melanie post a few days ago, one of my blogging pals (Merle) mentioned that the song “Alexander Beetle” is actually available on iTunes. I went to iTunes and discovered something interesting: When you do a search for an artist’s name, you don’t necessarily see all their songs listed. You have to look at all their available albums. I did that with Melanie and found TONS more stuff.

Not only is “Alexander Beetle” there, but so is the entire “Garden in the City” album, which I haven’t heard since I ditched my record player almost ten years ago. Woo hoo! So are numerous other albums, from Melanie’s “flower child” years on Buddah (sic) records to her own Neighborhood releases and her more recent recordings.

Isn’t iTunes amazing? I mean, really. Now I have a pretty complete collection of all the Melanie I listened to as a kid and a teenager!

Unrelated: If you have a few minutes to spare and you’re even remotely interested in street art, you have to watch this. Kind of creepy, but really brilliant and amazing. Kudos to my friend Kevin for sending it to me.

(Photo: SoHo, April 2008)


  1. Yes I love itunes. LOVE IT!!

  2. I fear I must be a luddite:
    1) I don't have an ipod so I've never downloaded music
    2) I went to watch the street art video (as I am more than remotely interested in street art!), but couldn't get it to work - although I did see the slide shows. I think I must be missing some software. but maybe the vids are on youtube....

  3. The video is amazing.

  4. Kim: I had trouble getting the video to work as well. I have a feeling it's just getting very high demand. You might try it again later.

  5. I wonder if the artists are making more or less money now that distribution of their work has changed so dramatically. The video is totally amazing. I wonder how people make things like this?

  6. it is an amazing vid, i just LOVE it.

    i also love iTunes. though - having looked forward to becoming CD-less (purely for space/storage reasons) i often buy CDs from, cos they are cheaper....
    don't know if they mail to the US though.

  7. Le video est suberb! the galloping teeth made me laugh.