Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Bob and I went to see “Iron Man” last night. I must admit it didn’t blow me away, but I think that has more to do with me than the movie. Super-hero movies are just not my thing. I can never suspend reality enough to buy into them, and this one seemed particularly absurd. (The hero builds an entire metal flying suit out of available scrap while a seriously wounded prisoner in a cave in Afghanistan. And that’s just the beginning.)

I guess this is why I was never into comic books.

I’m settling back into my routines pretty well after my DC trip. My boss took me to lunch yesterday as a thanks for my small role in a project that won her a substantial company award -- that was nice. (I really didn’t do much for the project, so lunch was appropriate compensation.)

Oh, and apparently I was bitten by a spider sometime over the weekend. I had a little red welt on my leg Saturday night and didn’t think much of it, having never seen the offending creature -- my friend Liz identified it as a spider bite. By last night it had turned into a bright red itchy blotch, but I’m hoping that actually means it’s getting better. (Itchy seems good, as opposed to painful.)

(Photo: Tribeca, April 2008)


  1. Super heroes are icons of the Age of Pisces, just past. We're into the paradigm of the Age of Aquarius now, in which it's not about The One, but The Many. We need everyone to participate in heroic acts, thereby healing the world little by little.

    But Robert Downey is a BABE!

    Hope your spider bite heals sooner rather than later! DC is such a buggy swamp! Yikes.

  2. I saw Iron Man over the weekend and was equally unimpressed. The only thing that kept me in the theater was Robert Downey Jr. He's such a natural at the loose cannon persona.

  3. Maybe you'll get some spidey super powers from the bite.

  4. Dennis bites spiders.

  5. Sorry to hear of your bite, but I'm glad it wasn't one of those brown spiders that can be fatal! (I think you'd know by now...) I'll tell Jake to be on the lookout for the culprit in case it came from my yard!

  6. Barbara: I don't know where it came from, honestly. Could have been my friend Liz's yard. No telling!

  7. Wait a minute. Spiderman started with a spider bite. You might be the next superhero.

  8. End of the World: what? already? but we'd only just begun...
    spider bite: injection of new wisdom - or so they say (let us know.)

  9. haha to merle's comment - lets hope so!

    gotta love RobertDowney Jnr!

    we're looking forward to Iron Man. we like super heroes and comic books in our house - actually, i think our recent (cultural - ie not just us) obssession with them maybe says something interesting about how we see our selves as human beings...? perhaps maybe...?

  10. I was waiting for your spider bite story was going to morph into a steve turns into spiderman saga!

    but seriously keep an eye on that spider bite and make sure it doesn't develop a bull's eye looking welt - if so it might not have been a spider and a deer tic

    I've always preferred small furry superheros myself - e.g. mighty mouse

  11. what about Dangermouse?