Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I’ve been recruiting people over the last several weeks to participate in AIDS Walk New York, as I do every year. I’m the captain of my employer’s team, and so far we’ve raised about $9,000! The walk itself is this Sunday, starting in Central Park and looping through the Upper West Side and along Riverside Drive.

This is an especially poignant year for me, because one of my best friends just recently tested positive. I have numerous other positive friends and acquaintances, some of whom I’ve only recently learned have the virus. Medical care for those with HIV is amazing these days, but it’s also alarming how many people continue to contract it. The fact that people in the United States so rarely die from AIDS anymore has given our society such a false sense of security. Holy cow.

It's also amazing how thoroughly HIV has changed all of our lives. I can certainly testify that my own behaviors and fears over the last couple of decades have been deeply affected by it.

Anyway, not to put the squeeze on my readers -- but if anyone feels motivated, my contribution page is here.

(Photo: East Village, April 2008)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. And yes, AIDS had a huge impact on many of us. I was living in San Francisco during the late 80's and early 90's when the virus was ravaging the gay community in particular. I lost 17 friends and acquaintances over those years.

Other old friends have survived, even thrived, because of the amazing drug cocktails that they take. My heart feels heavy every time I think about all the subSaharan Africans, Indians, Chinese, and other people who don't have access to drugs and good care.

Bravo for you for getting out there! Have a wonderful walk!

Anonymous said...

I commend you for supporting this effort that keeps people aware of the fact that AIDS is still with us. I wonder if we will ever see the day in our lifetime when AIDS is no longer a threat? I can only hope so.

Anonymous said...

I love a good squeeze.

thanks for participating in the walk! if I'm in town in october I'll be walking in the cleveland walk.

hiv/aids has changed and touched all of our lives. thank goodness medical advances are continuing. hiv/aids is particularly problematic in africa and asia - and the situation is very frightening and tragic. but not hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I will be walking as well. Perhaps I will see you there? (I just reached my goal of $1,000 today. Yippee!)

Anonymous said...

so sorry about your friend steve, i hope he manages to keep well.