Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I really like this photo from my weekend in Sag Harbor, because I was lucky enough to snap it just as a bee was hovering near these flowers. You can see the bee near the left side of the cluster of blossoms, and its shadow down below.

Last night I went to see Wall-E. Like most of the Pixar movies I've seen, it was terrific. A great commentary on the direction of our society and our all-consuming, leisure-addicted, polluting lifestyles. I'm not sure about the wisdom of personifying robots so heavily, but whatever.

Yesterday I created a "memory map" on Flickr. Click here for a visual illustration of my childhood in Florida!


  1. This is intriguing. It makes Florida seem more interesting than I remember it to be. Maybe I need to do a memory map of Panama City. How in the world did you come up with this idea? I like your HS girlfriend's name. :) Surprising because I have seldom known another Barbara younger than I am. (The story goes that was Miss America's name i 1949, hence so many of us that year.)

  2. I saw wall-e this summer and enjoyed it - at the time, I wondered how many people really were 'paying attention' to it's message and caution - not too difficult to see us as on the path to that 'future' - ah, and you saw this while reading affluenza - a connection? tee hee!

  3. have to come back for the memory map when I have to work...

  4. Your memory map is incredible! Multi-dimensional, thank you.

    And the bee shadow is truly fantastic! The trumpet vine that the bee is pollinating is one of the most ruthless members of the plant world. They choose their victims, then squeeze them to death, like a python. We had them in our back yard in SF - killed two trees before we managed to stop their reign of terror.

    Isn't that cool? Terrorist plants? Sorry about the dead trees, but I think it's so interesting.

  5. B: It was indeed a popular mid-century name. I never knew about the Miss America connection! I actually knew two Barbaras in my high school class.

    Kim: I forgot to respond yesterday to your comment about Affluenza. I didn't know it was a TV show until after I bought the book. But I can see how it would make a great one! There's definitely a common theme here, isn't there? (And it would be hard to miss the underlying message of Wall-E, even if you were a child.)

    R: Oh no! I hate to think this beautiful flower is actually a menace. In this case it was growing on a fence, so that's not so bad, right? :)

  6. My trumpet vines and our trees seem to peacefully coexist.

  7. What a great way to remember what went on, and where.

    Re: trumpet vine. Don't have much trouble with mine, either.

  8. The map is a great idea! I never knew you worked at McD's...Did that have anything to do with your choice to try vegetarianism back in the day?