Monday, September 1, 2008

Painting 2

Some of you asked to see photos of me in my Zen getup. I really didn't have any until my friend Jesse offered to photograph me during our recent retreat. Jesse is a photographer extraordinaire, as you can see from these two shots.

If you'd like more, here's a slide show from the week before and during the retreat, showing some preparations and activities of our group.

The apartment painting continues. I've made really good progress, but I still have another half-day of painting ahead of me. For such a small apartment, it's a hell of a job!

(Photo: Cables on the Lower East Side, Aug. 2008)


  1. I think Jesse captured the moment perfectly. You look so serene. Thanks for sharing this piece of your Zen week.

    We're leaving for the bus shortly. See you tomorrow! Sounds like the weather is going to let us see Hair in the Park!

  2. Those two pics of you are incredible! Wow. WOW.

    You can see all those past lives of yours in your expression and posture. Beautiful!

    May the force be with you as the painting continues!

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos. I remember you saying that it was a silent retreat and the photos conveyed that, too.

    Good luck with the painting. Amazing how even a small paint job can seem so daunting!

  4. Painting is indeed a tough job - even if the space is small. Doing it well is even harder!

  5. wow....if I was wearing socks they'd be knocked off! the photos are incredible - so beautiful and calming... just watching the slide show filled me with peace and tranquility. your friend is a very gifted photographer indeed...but what's that they say about birds of a feather!

    thanks so much.... namaste!

  6. Great shots of you! You do indeed look serene...I hope that serenity sees you through not only painting, which can be an exercise in meditation, depending upon one's perspective, but the days ahead.