Monday, September 22, 2008

Horse Chestnut

The horse chestnut tree outside my window has taken on a tattered, autumnal look. Every spring it starts out fresh and ridiculously green, like here, and as the summer passes the leaves begin to crisp around the edges and get brown spots. Pretty soon the whole tree will turn yellow.

Here's a silly video of me, courtesy of Lettuce, who filmed it while we were in the Catskills a couple of weeks ago with Ched.


  1. I love that vid, even if it is silly.

    Happy autumn equinox. Day and night is equal now, for us, for our friends in the U.K., Africa, Australia, Germany and everywhere else.

    One sweet moment of balance. Ahhh!

  2. Good throwing arm, Steve. May the creatures, great and small, enjoy the woodland repose they so richly deserve. (Must admit I'm not a big fan of the taxidermist's art.)

    Happy equinox-on-Hudson.

  3. I've heard of recycling, but this is indeed a novel approach. That raccoon appeared to be petrified!

    I love seeing the contrast of 6 months in the horse chestnut. A reminder that Spring will once again green it up!

  4. That is HYSTERICAL! Poor Ricky . . . stuffed for so many years and then ditched.

    Hey - I have a horse chestnut tree right outside my new house in Buffalo - man, those things hurt when they hit ya on the head!

  5. The raccoon shotput. If it becomes an Olympic event, you are a contender!

  6. Hurling petrified racoons! I hope your dearly departed friend enjoys his new resting place. Loved the greener view of the horse chestnut outside your window...

    What will you think of next? I can't wait to see...