Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chelsea, August 2007

Our sudden chilly weather produced a beautiful day yesterday, so I went on a photo expedition to a very productive area in Chelsea, where I found tons of great street art and took lots of photos. I augmented that with brunch at The Dish on Eighth Avenue, one of the gayest restaurants in the gayest neighborhoods in NYC. I chowed down on buckwheat pancakes and finished “Buddha or Bust,” and of course kept an eye on all the guys.

Last night I watched “High Noon,” with Gary Cooper. What a terrific movie! Very fast-paced and easy to watch. I love an old Western, and this one features Grace Kelly (a very unlikely casting choice for a Western) and an alluring actress named Katy Jurado, who brought a kind of haughty brilliance to her role as Cooper's Mexican ex. It was a bit sobering to realize that almost everyone in “High Noon,” made in 1952, is dead now.


Anonymous said...

I can't really get into old westerns, but I do love old all with bette davis, et. al. :-)

Anonymous said...

Steve, it seems to me that the old movie drama has died off along with the westerns.

Most movies these days are either slap stick goofiness, horror flicks or animated kids stuff.

What has happened to the intelligent movies for adults?

Anonymous said...

Fun photo!

Weather here has finally been nice - in the 70's and mostly sunny, though I am still waiting for summer to actually start. I better get some more warm weather, damnit - I am FAR from ready for autumn yet!

Anonymous said...

when chicks talk about love

Anonymous said...

If you like old flicks check out The Magnificent 7. I love that oldie.
I knew Katy Jurado. She died about 3 years ago. She lived in Mexico City. About 5 years ago she visited my boss in Chicago. Don't know how she knew a Cuban eye doctor but she stopped by from time to time. She was in a wheelchair the last time I saw her because she was beaten up and robbed in a street in Mex City. Poor thing. She did compliment my outfit which made me feel like a star. She was a real nice lady.

Anonymous said...

can't get into westerns either. guess there ain't no cowboy in me

Anonymous said...

Patrick: Just watched a Bette Davis flick last night! (See entry above.)

Merle: There's still some good stuff out there, but it's mostly indie or foreign-made. Studios are too obsessed with profits and thus shoot for the lowest common denominator.

Catwoman: I'm so impressed that you knew Katy Jurado! She was great in this film; it's not hard for me to imagine that she was a nice person.

Pod: They're very hit or miss. Some of them are terrible. ("The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" is one of the most boring movies I ever tried to watch.) I find it interesting that, as a genre, they've died out so completely. I guess we just don't identify with the whole Western-Expansion mentality anymore.