Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lexington Avenue, August 2007

We must be having sunspots this week.

My travails continued yesterday, when one of my office computers contracted a virus (along with much of the rest of the network) and the other, a temporary replacement for a machine with a dead motherboard, stubbornly refused to print or view e-mail. It was like trying to work with one hand tied behind my back and the other arm in a cast.

Last night I watched “Salem’s Lot,” the fairly dreadful ‘70s TV movie based on the Stephen King novel. Maybe because of my work computers, I kept getting distracted thinking about the time period -- no Internet, no cell phones, no “connectivity” or “social networking.” Being something of a Luddite anyway, I was downright nostalgic for the ‘70s.

(Not for the hair, though.)


Anonymous said...

Who could be nostalgic for 70's hair? There was a lot about that decade I'm happy to leave behind, but I won't get into it.

Love all the window A/C units. Wow.

As for this week, if I were you I would DUCK & COVER. This, too, shall pass. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Reya beat me to mentioning the air conditioning units. Pretty cool, no pun intended.

I have some family photos from the seventies that just make me cringe. I look like a freak in them.

Anonymous said...

Steve - I absolutely LOVE this picture. How cool is that (literally and figuratively)?