Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SoHo, August 2007

Going away on a trip is surprisingly complicated, even for a few days. Stop the mail, stop the paper, take the cat to the vet (yes, she's going to be boarded), finish everything at work. Basically, that's going to be my day.

My challenge will be to retain some degree of mindfulness about each thing I do, rather than rushing through it all with only the end goal in sight.

Saw a movie last night in the theater, which I haven't done in weeks: "Broken English," starring Parker Posey, who's one of my favorites. She plays a neurotic and not entirely likeable woman with serious relationship issues and fears, who must confront them when she begins a romance with a young French guy. Parker gets to really work it as an actress. The other day, Merle was lamenting the lack of movies for adults -- they are out there, but I find that they're often small, obscure movies like this. (And having said that, I am really looking forward to seeing "The Simpsons Movie"!)


Anonymous said...

I HAVE to see the Simpsons movie!

Love the pic - X marks the spot. It looks like the crossroads to me. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Steve.

I wish we had small movie houses that played independent and limited-release films.

Unfortunately, we are infested by megaplexes. Broken English is not be shown here, at least at the moment. However, should you wish to see Daddy Day Camp, you have 17 opportunities today. The cinematic classic, Bratz, will be available 15 times today.

Since school started here yesterday and all the preteen girls are presumably in school, I'm not sure who will actually see Bratz today.

Anonymous said...

Bratz. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I love those metal steps!