Friday, August 24, 2007

Lexington Avenue, August 2007

I’ve been at my blog now for about 15 months. During that time I’ve posted a photo and written a little something every day.

And now, I’m reaching a point of blog exhaustion. I need some advice.

As many of you know, I originally started this blog to show off my photos. But that purpose seems to have diminished as I’ve come to use Flickr, which is really more suited to photo display.

Over time, I began writing a little more each day to go with the photos. But for me, the writing has never been very satisfying. I love to write, so I’ve often wondered why I don’t feel more fulfilled by it here. I think there are a couple of reasons.

I’ve never felt free to really open up about a lot of stuff. I don’t particularly like writing about my love life (such as it is) or any deeply personal issues, given that this IS the Internet, and God knows where it will wind up. And I can’t discuss a wide range of political and social issues, given that I’m a journalist and airing my political opinions is expressly forbidden by my employer.

Last night, for example, I went to see “Sicko,” Michael Moore’s latest film. But I can’t really tell you much about my reactions to the film or the issues, because doing so would compromise the objectivity I have to publicly cultivate. (I also can't do stuff like sign petitions or march in demonstrations.)

So what I’m left with is a kind of tepid, limited blog. And I guess it’s seeming like more of a burden than a joy. I often find myself forced to just come up with SOMETHING to post, and that’s not a feeling I want to have. It also takes a lot of time, and I’m unable to keep up with reading and other stuff that matters to me.

What should I do? Stop blogging? Blog less frequently? What do the rest of you do when you’re tired of your blog?


Anonymous said...

I can't particularly comment on what to do about keeping the blog since I let mine go after two months when work got to be too much. But I do want to say that I identify with your continuing struggle for authenticity, peace and fullness of life. Though we are on different paths it is what I am trying to do for myself. To blog or not to blog is just part of this journey you are on. If you choose to stop I will miss your witness but I will understand.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is NOT tepid.

I think you need to be writing about the things that are important to you. Start a new blog, be anonymous, write about Sicko or whatever it is you want.

Blogging has to be organic. It can't be forced, or ... what's the point?

I look forward to your thoughts every day. If you posted once a week, I would look forward to that. But follow your heart. You know how to do that!

Much love to you, btw.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say: EVERY blog is limited. I don't write about half the things I'm thinking about. Somehow that's OK with me, but I can understand your frustration.

Also: everyone is feeling frustrated and exhausted right now. So you're in sync with the feng shui of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Reya and Theresa: Thanks for the words of wisdom and support! Reya, you may be right -- maybe this is the "Feng Shui" of the moment. I guess the limited writing seems weird to me because I'm so used to keeping a journal, where I write about everything.

In any case, I'm not quitting tomorrow. I just need to get a grip, maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

Fisrt of all - the public and your employer need to realize that there is NO SUCH THING as OBJECTIVITY. Given the nasty state of the media in all forms these days (print to television), that should be apparent. We need to embrace subjectivity and just get on with it - trust me, it comes out anyway. WE'RE HUMAN, and humans are NOT simply "logical" (if we were we'd be robots). Anyhoo, maybe you just need to take a break from blogging? I LOVE taking 3-4 weeks off (I just did it), and I feel much better afterwards. Personally, I think what you write is GREAT, but it's important that YOU like it too. Stop putting yourself in a box, and know that your blog should be what YOU want it to be. For me, if a blog can't be some sort of personal expression, I'd not do it (granted, I make choices about what I want others to know - but, again, I'm making my blog what I want it to be, so that is OK). Blogging just pictures is fine, too, or you could put quotes with them too, something else. The possibilities are endless. Listen to your gut. It's also not necessary to blog every day - if you look, most people doing substantive blogs only post 3-4 times a week at most. Keep us in the loop as far as your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

pictures say 1000 words. a good picture and a line or two about where it's from is a perfectly good post. use it in conjunction with Flickr (as you have been) to highlight shots you find to be the best or most interesting.

post whenever you want-no need to feel compelled to post every day- with RSS it's not like people are just refreshing your page waiting for a post (i assume most people are using a reader?!).

Anonymous said...

if your blog feels like a burden then take a break. Really! and i say this entirely altruistically, cos i would miss you.

but it should be for you, and fun, satisfying - worthwhile in some way...

i think most bloggers need a break at least now and then?

but i'm also with Reya here, i identify with the limitations thing - esp. since my daughter took to searching for my blog and i discovered that some of my family read it... :0/

- but despite all that, your blog is def. not tepid. I love it, i feel that it gives me some insight into who you are, some link. Any means of communication and expression is limited... but can still be worthwhile.

I started blogging daily. I can't believe i managed it, looking back.... sometimes now its only once or twice a week.

Do what feels good!

Anonymous said...

Here are my anonymous thoughts on the matter. The idea of a photo blog is interesting, and there is certainly educational value in many of the items photographed. If nothing else, they provide some unique perspective as to images you personally find interesting.

My big issue with blogging in general is that it there is a degree of self-absorption and often times (although this does not seem to be the case with your blog), a desperate need for attention. No offense to you personally, but I never quite understood why someone would want to post on the Internet the goings on of their daily life, their opinions on random matters, or their views on spirituality and such.

While I understand the desire to communicate with friends or acquaintances, I find it a bit distressing that the age of technology has replaced the intimacy of communication on a more personal level (i.e. personal e-mails or telephone calls).

Again, your photos are consistently quite interesting and informative. I just personally feel that the commentary on things besides the photos are a bit much.

However, you are clearly not harming anyone by blogging, and to paraphrase what was said by "Lettuce" - if it feels good, keep at it! Happy writing!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Don't worry, no offense taken. Believe me, I often wonder why I'm posting this stuff for all to see! When I started this blog, I thought it would be an excellent way to communicate with family and friends - in fact, they were the ones I expected would read it. Instead, my family pretty much ignored it and only some of my friends keep up with it. It's turned out that many of my readers are total strangers and members of my "blog family," as Reya would say.

As for content, I've been trying to find a happy medium - I think photos alone don't draw enough interest, because blog readers want to know something about the person hosting the blog. It's that human curiosity. But on the other hand, they don't want to know TOO much - nor do I want to share too much. So there's definitely a balance to be met.

As it stands now, I try to keep my entries short and clear, which I think helps readers and hopefully doesn't burden them with too much self-absorption. :)

Anonymous said...


I love your images. You have the gift of a marvelous eye and I for one am grateful that you choose to share it with us in your blog. Every time I look at your blog the image you feature helps me see things differently. And I find that exciting.