Friday, August 10, 2007

Madison Avenue, August 2007

Yesterday I got out my camera again, after not touching it for nearly two weeks. I took it to work and snapped this photo on the way. It was one of those serendipitous shots where I held the camera up and had a great photo almost immediately. LOVE it when that happens.

I'm reading an entertaining book called "Buddha or Bust," by Perry Garfinkel, in which he traces the spread of Buddhism around the world with visits to countries as diverse as India, Poland and Japan. It began as an assignment for National Geographic and Garfinkel expanded it into a book. I'm loving his easy writing style and the subject matter, more focused on cultures and people than a scholarly history of the Buddhist diaspora. A recommended fun read!


  1. Good morning Steve. That is an interesting photo. It looks like a column levitating above its base. I especially like the light reflecting around it.

  2. I think that photo deserves some explanation!

    Hey - I beat Reya to a comment - that NEVER happens. *WINK* She has a time zone advantage.

  3. Not to burst your bubble, JDZS, but I think you beat Reya because she's out of town! :)

    The photo shows the capital of a column that's sitting in the courtyard of the Morgan Library. It's in front of a niche in the wall of the library, which is the part that looks like it's levitating. I especially liked the dappled light, as well as the optical illusion!

  4. yeah, I'm trying to figure out that photo, and I am guessing the Morgan Library is completely renovated now, looks like new grass...

    I haven't walked past there in ages...

  5. What a great catch! Witty, mysterious, sort of looks like a Divine Miniature Golf Course glowing among heavenly ruins. (Or somethin'.)