Wednesday, August 8, 2007

East Village, July 2007

We’re having quite the rain-and-lightning display this morning. My cat keeps looking at the bright flashes in the window, followed by resonant booming thunder, with great concern. She’s lying on my chest, probably under the illusion that I could protect her from it all.

I was going to go to the gym this morning, but I woke up later than usual and now we’ve got this rain, so I may blow it off. I’ve had a little trouble getting back on schedule after my retreat. I got about four hours of sleep the night before last, and felt like a zombie all day yesterday. Fortunately, last night I made up for it by sleeping nine hours!


Anonymous said...

funny pic. i like it. i'm sure you could protect a little cat? aren't you all big and strong?

Anonymous said...

It might take awhile to get back into the swing of things. And, too, the weather explains everything. When in doubt, curl up with the cat and sleep a half hour longer.

Wish we were getting rain here. .... Oh well ....

Anonymous said...

What a clever way to give a bit of pizazz to a couple of drain pipes.

A couple of days and you will be back on schedule.

Anonymous said...

Now that is a fun picture!

You know, one thing I kind of miss is GOOD thunderstorms - we just don't have them here in Seattle, and we certainly did in Pennsylvania (and in Missouri, where my partner is from). I also miss crickets and lightening bugs - we don't have those, either.

Anonymous said...

I wish DC would get rain already-- a good slow steady soaker for almost 2 days.
--we were caught in flooding early this morning on the way to a photo shoot and had to return home. Yeah it was that floody!

ten years ago I painted a lot of cartoon eyes on rocks in my garden (with a little niece) --the other day I noticed one had resurfaced, still staring, goofy. looks like your pipe.

Anonymous said...

Pod: Not when it comes to high-voltage currents of electricity! :)

JDZS: Actually, this did not turn out to be a "good" thunderstorm. The subways flooded and the commute was a total mess for a lot of people. (My boss didn't even come in.) Fortunately, I walk to work, so I had no problems.

Ched: How funny -- the stones see all!