Monday, August 27, 2007

SoHo, August 2007

Another piece of street art by one of my favorites, Bloke. I felt this way all last week - like I was flying in opposite directions, buffeted by variable winds, backtracking and zig-zagging!

Now, however, I can settle down and get back on course. I’m happy to report that both my photo session with the poet and my expedition to move the Zen center’s stuff went well. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the guy who helped me pilot the moving truck - he did the driving (and the parking) and I basically just wound up being co-pilot, which seemed to work well for both of us. (He drives regularly and knows the roads, so that cut down on a lot of our uncertainty!) We even found a parking spot and were able to unload everything pretty quickly and effortlessly. Whew!

Often when I get stressed about things, I’m looking at them in the aggregate - I see everything I have to do looming before me as one huge entity, and I feel overwhelmed. I forget that small steps are the way to accomplish big tasks. You just do one thing and then the next, and pretty soon the big challenge is behind you. Why can’t I learn this lesson?

Have I mentioned that it’s very hard to type with a cat lying on your chest?


Anonymous said...

If you figure out how to remember that everything happens in increments, will you teach me how? Because all unfinished tasks lie heavily on me all at once - even though I "should" know better. Oh well.

Glad both tasks went well. I wonder if we'll get to see pics of the poet??

LOVE today's pic. I know that feeling very well!

Anonymous said...

I can relate as I've been hosting family and friends for 3 weeks. Whew! I love it, but it's a little tiring. However, it's good to practice, letting go of perfection, and having things my way. I too, can get stressed and forget the small steps, and I appreciate your reminder. Great street art.

A warm cat in my lap would be nice ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, i think you've mentioned it.


maybe you should lie on your front and type while she lies on your back.