Friday, August 31, 2007

SoHo, August 2007

Yesterday I was in the elevator at work when a young woman got in holding a dress on a hanger, wrapped in plastic. She removed the plastic and stood looking doubtfully at the dress, a layered affair of white fabric with very subtle polka dots.

She held the dress up so I could see it. “Is this cute, or weird?”

I assured her I thought it was cute - and it was, in a weird kind of way. I laughed inwardly at the idea of being a fashion consultant for this woman I didn’t know. I thought, “I must have ‘gay man’ written all over me!”

I wonder if she would have asked Larry Craig that question?


  1. What a story! You know this is what women do in the dressing rooms of department stores. They come out to the central area wearing whatever and ask complete strangers, i.e. all the other women in the area, if it's cute or weird or makes them look fat or whatever.

    Elevators feel a lot like dressing rooms, except they're in motion and most of them have no mirrors. Funny!

  2. Steve, that is a funny story. I think Reya nailed it, she just wanted some validation about her choice.

    Larry Craig, on the other hand, would claim that she tricked him into answering and that he didn't even know it was a dress.

  3. You know, I bet she would not have asked Larry....

  4. Thank you, Steve, for the Friday laugh. This is really funny. The photo compliments your commentary so well. I do wonder about Larry Craig...too.

  5. she might ask Larry Craig the same question, but apparently he doesn't know how to give an honest answer.

    Nice photo. Have a good weekend!!

  6. I love your pictures of New York. It's definitely one of my top two places to move to after I graduate.

    I hope the woman was pleased with your answer!

  7. I don't think anyone is asking Larry Craig much of anything these days, at least not his opinion about fashion.

  8. Thats a really fun story Steve! I love when people ask strangers questions about clothes. Its fun.