Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last night I went on a three-hour boat cruise around lower Manhattan with my friends David and Mark. We chugged up the East River around Ward’s Island and then back down again and around to Jersey City and the Statue of Liberty. It was fun!

The event was billed as a singles cruise for gay men, but I went just for fun. I didn’t try very hard to mingle, I must admit. (At this point in my life I’ve pretty much decided that I am better off single -- I’ll write more about that sometime soon.)

The cruise gave us a chance to see Olafur Eliasson’s waterfalls close-up. As we paused nearby, I asked one of the bartenders, who happened to be standing near me, if she’d ever been to Niagara Falls. She said, “No! In fact, I was just in Las Vegas last year, and I didn’t go. But I’m going back to Vegas this year and I won’t miss it this time.” I thought, holy cow. They say Americans have a terrible sense of geography, but that was a shocker.

(Photo: Morning glories on Edgecombe Avenue, Harlem, July 2008)


  1. I'll be they have a faux Niagra Falls in Vegas, don't you think?

    What did you think of the waterfalls? I've heard many differing opinions about them. Some people love them, others think they were a big waste of money. Your thoughts?

  2. Dennis heard there was a volcano in Vegas, so I guess they could do a falls. just walk up, & press a button to activate!

  3. Dennis is proud today because Lettuce took portraits of him (see Dennis blog)

  4. Reya: As I understand it, the waterfalls were paid for with private money. So it's not like they're sucking up taxpayer dollars. I think they're a neat idea, though a little overhyped.

  5. You seem to have a wonderfully active life with or without a partner. Someone may well show up when you least expect it to happen. That's the way the best relationships are made. Right now, just continue having fun!

  6. had a mighty chuckle regarding the bartender's remark.... geez we don't really need to go anywhere between las vegas and disneyworld golly everyone can see the world - NOT!

    happy to read the new york city waterfalls will still be operating when f and I come for a visit.... soon, very soon! got to see the bill wood exhibit before it leaves!

  7. same reaction as the previous ones - heck, you can find the Eiffel Tower, the Canaletto and whatever else in Vegas - and air conditioning too. Why go traipsing all over God's creation, I ask you.

    (But do they have morning glories? Ah.)

  8. You mean Niagra Falls aint in Vegas? Wow! Learn sumtin every day!

    I agree with Barbara on relationships. I tried to make about as many bad relationships work as I could before I just decided to hang out with my dog and gadgets ane just be a goof...only then did I meet somebody. People just living their lives as confident and independent individuals are much more attractive than pro-active daters that just seem to smell like pro-active daters, despite what Sex and the City says! You are deffinately confident and independent, and when you least expect it you will literally trip over somebody on your way to coffee and that will be that!

    My word verification for this post is 'biker'...coincidence?

  9. Haha. Did you tell her about the ones in NY/Canada?