Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Wow. I really do feel like I have just run a marathon. The past few weeks have been so unbelievably busy -- I think I’ve eaten about one meal at home, and last night was my first free night in ages.

I love just coming home after work, and relaxing with my cat and a book or movie -- yet it happens so rarely!

Last night I watched The Monkees in “Head,” their movie from 1968. Of course it’s pretty silly, which I expected, and it doesn’t make much sense, but it’s a fun piece of ‘60s culture. I think they were trying to mature from a fluffy kiddy band into something a little more relevant, so their music was heavier. Lots of psychedelic clothing, and cameos from the likes of Annette Funicello and Victor Mature. Very strange. I think I'd have needed a doobie to enjoy it properly.

(I always wanted hair like Peter Tork. Instead, I have hair like Telly Savalas.)

I’m going to Florida to see the family in a couple of days, so I’m also preparing for that -- getting spare keys made for the cat sitter, for example, and laying in a few supplies. I hired the sitter to look in on Armenia every day, so she won’t have to be boarded at the vet. She’s grateful, even if she doesn’t know it.

(Photo: 11th Avenue, June 2008)


  1. Even I wanted hair like Peter Tork! You're so funny.

    I also watched a film from that era this week, "Alice's Restaurant." It was a little better than I remembered it, which was a nice surprise. Full of the values of the day, though, including an all-our hatred of policemen. Remember that? Probably not - you're too young. We called them "pigs."

    Looking back on it, it all seems so rude.

    Have a wonderful time in Florida. Chill out? Oh yeah!

  2. Reya: Oh yes, I remember hearing the term "pigs"!

  3. I had Peter Brady Hair.

  4. I use the term daily! Never liked cops...

    ...except for Kojak. He was bad ass.

  5. Frank Zappa's cameo in HEAD was priceless. Heck, any film is great if you get to see Mickey Dolenz die TWICE.

    And it also gave us that very sage piece of advice:

    "Don't never..... but NEVER... make fun of no cripples."

  6. ...much respect and apologies to Mr. Dolenz there. Sorry dude, but I was more of a Nesmith fan.

  7. Ha! Except he didn't die -- he was merely spirited away by psychedelic mermaids. (Personally, if I'd chosen which Monkee to doom, it would have been Davy Jones, hands down.)

  8. ditto - the summer is always so incredibly busy! and unfortunately it seems to be flying by at some sort of supersonic speed!

    hey, who loves ya, baby? telly savalas is way cooler than peter tork not to mention he has a great looking head!

    have fun in florida ....florida in the summer, yikes! but you are both a native and have family so it will be great!

    ah, I'm sure armenia knows it and is most grateful....cats (and dogs, well all animals) know a heck of a lot more than humans give them credit for....

    will have to seek out 'head' if only to see zappa! the monkees...well, I don't really have anything positive to contribute -

  9. Dennis wants to climb your building. Didn't Jack Nicholson have something to do with Head? Maybe directed or produced it?

  10. Give my regards to my home state. I really miss very little about it...

    I'm all for creature comfort. I think it's great that you have a catsitter coming in to take care of Armenia. My first concern when we go out of town is finding someone responsible to take care of Jake.

  11. I can't believe I had a school girl crush on Mike Nesmith.How funny is that! I loved the way he talked,the singing didn't even come into the equation.I wouldn't have known what is hair was like because it was always under that stupid hat.Have a great time in Florida.

  12. You got me with the title of this one you cheeky monkey (or is that cheeky Monkee?)

    Did you know that Mike Nesmith wrote Different Drum? That was Linda's first top ten hit back in 1967.