Sunday, July 27, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace

I was wandering in Harlem yesterday when I found this doorway to an industrial building, surrounded by Queen Anne's Lace. I love it when I find wildflowers in an unexpected corner of New York. Happy summer, everyone!


  1. It's a beautiful flower, one of the few I can identify.

    The life force is so powerful. L'chaim!

  2. Nature is amazing.

  3. Happy summer, Steve!
    (new blog)

  4. Hi Doll! That green door and door knob is stunning!!! And this Queen Anne's Lace is a new one in my vocabulary. I am starting to notice it around town now that I know what it is, and sure enough, we have it on our property. It makes for a gorgeous arrangement in a vase too. Have a good week and I will be by again soon. Glad you liked my Sky Watch Friday shot. I never leave home without my camera now : )

  5. I love Queen Anne's Lace. Lettuce calls it Cow parsley.
    It smells nice and carroty