Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When I went wandering in Harlem on Saturday, I found this beauty salon on Frederick Douglass Blvd. at 139th Street. Tell me this isn't the best beauty salon name EVER?!

I'm not sure what it means -- maybe when you leave, you're so elegant you burst into tears?

Yesterday I took the afternoon off work and walked around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Lettuce and Chedwick. We found lots of street art, ate free pizza and plundered a Salvation Army thrift store, where for 99 cents I bought a t-shirt that pledges my love for Henry. (I was actually unaware of Henry's existence until I saw the shirt, but never mind.)


  1. Did you weep tear drops of elegance when you purchased your Henry t-shirt? Of course you did!! lol

  2. It sounds like a great afternoon.

  3. What a great afternoon with two wonderful Bloggers. My favorite shorts came from a thrift store. I'm a firm believer in hand-me-downs!

  4. now didn't i say he's very cute and sexy? i hope you're going to wear it, you will undoubtedly look very elegant


  5. Tears of Elegance: in French, there is a saying: Il faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre belle "One must suffer to be beautiful" - so... take it from there.

    The t-shirt: Oh, Henry must be so pleased :-)

  6. oh i like what r.l. said..il faut souffrir pour etre belle ! this may be the origin!

    she's very smart

  7. Its the soap they get in your eyes!

  8. what a fun wandering team....

    junk store finds are great!

  9. Tear Drops of Elegance is where I get my hair done! Crying is mandatory.

    I bought a great book at that thrift shop for 99 cents.