Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parade Revisited

I’ve been thinking about the parade I saw Sunday. Some of my commenters said they weren’t too crazy about parades, and I’m not crazy about them either -- in fact, the only one I ever regularly attend is the Pride Parade, though New York has a parade practically every week in the spring.

I suppose one or two hundred years ago it was kind of exciting to see the military march by, with all their cannons in tow, accompanied by a big brassy marching band. For people who weren’t overstimulated by a constant stream of media and digital “infotainment,” a parade would have been quite a spectacle.

Nowadays, it seems to me, we’re better served by retreating from loud, lengthy productions. Quiet is what we need. Hence, our societal appreciation of the parade has dwindled.

And as long as we’re talking about subjects of previous posts, I was also thinking about my “flow” post from Saturday. I think I may have ironically left the impression that I’m somewhat rigid in my insistence on flow. So let me step back a degree or two from what I may have seemed to say -- for example, I do not number my clothes and rotate them in precise order. I just try to wear everything regularly.

I’m a little insane about being organized, but I’m not that insane.

(I do think I’d be an excellent personal organizer, though. I always figure if I get the ax from my current job, that’s what I’ll do!)

(Photo: Gas meters, Los Angeles, April 2008)


  1. I love it that your zen name means "go with the flow" - kind of. Yes!

    Your habits and disciplines are not rigid - you have created a life of wonderful, healthy boundaries and habits that serve you well. there's never a need to apologize for that!

    With love and admiration for you and your habits: BRAVO!!

  2. Come on! We all know you number your clothes and rotate them in precise order! 'Fess Up!

  3. I could use some organizing. I see piles forming everywhere and that terrifies me! If you ever want to practice on someone, my life/house would be a real challenge.

    Ii can imagine it would be a lot easier to tell someone else to throw something out that to part with it oneself.

  4. that bit about not numbering your clothes is a great load off my mind, Steve :-)

    I'm gearing up on the new blog - very much in start-up phase but if you want to drop by while construction is going on you are more than welcome (no cranes or heavy equipement malfunctions to worry about, I promise)


  5. We all have our routines. Habit is what keeps us safe in life. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. i hope to develop good habits someday.

  7. good habits are kind of like the right path-- that quote on Coffee's blog