Monday, September 8, 2008

Sag Harbor

I just got back from a terrific weekend in Sag Harbor, out on Long Island, with my friend Stuart. It was kind of a last-minute trip, and really welcome and needed, especially since I didn’t get away for Labor Day. Stuart has a beautiful house out there.

On Saturday we cooked and ran errands and even went out to the beach to watch the big gray waves from Tropical Storm Hanna crashing in. The sky was very dramatic -- layers and layers of clouds, all moving very quickly -- but the storm never turned into much. We had quite a bit of rain, but away from the beach it wasn’t especially windy.

Sunday was gloriously sunny, and we walked through town, went down to the wharf to look at the yachts, and I even went running. (I only went about four miles and that nearly killed me, so clearly I’ve fallen somewhat out of shape. Back on the treadmill!)

It was such a great weekend that I’m sorry to be home. And that’s rare for me -- usually I’m happy to get back to my routines!

When I was in downtown Sag Harbor a couple of years ago, I took photos of some seashells lined up on a windowsill. They’re all still there, as you can see from the photos above, from this weekend. Makes me wonder how long they’ve been there, weathering like that!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend - maybe too perfect (since you didn't want to come home). Nah ... no such thing as too perfect, is there?

    Next time you're there, if you're in the mood, stop into the bookstore downtown Sag Harbor and say hello to Not Plain Jane who manages the store. She is one of my favorite bloggers.

    Welcome home.

  2. Sounds delightful all around - I love stormy beach weather!

    Really, you should "just say no" to treadmills - you live in a city that's GREAT for running, Steve!

    Get out there!

  3. R: I've seen NPJ's blog once or twice, but I didn't realize she's in Sag Harbor! Next time I'm out there I'll look her up!

    JDZS: I do run outside quite a bit, too. But treadmills are good in the early morning when I need to get a run in before work, and I can't get over to the East River or one of my usual running spots. (Running in the middle of the city is no fun -- too many curbs, cars, pedestrians, etc.)

  4. Dennis likes the smooth consistency of the treadmill for running and the hilly bumpy terrain outside for hiking around.

  5. I have never been on a treadmill (well, not on one meant for exercise) . . .

  6. Sounds like a great escape from the city. I love to be at the beach during a storm. The effects seem so magnified.

  7. The Maine coast is beautiful, and so, as usual, are your photos!

    My only adventures on the treadmill involve spraining something...

    And I've only ever been able to run on wheels...

    Your impromptu trip and wonderful observations have re-ignited my own lust for wandering...


  8. haven't been to eastern LI in awhile ... there are so many nice places, too.

  9. a whole summer pass without one trip to the beach!!! yikes! sounds like a lovely weekend - but also sounds like it should have been for a longer time. I love the shell art....