Friday, May 15, 2009


To revisit the theme of tacky things for sale on West 28th Street, here’s a little gem I picked up last night on my way home from work. I saw it hanging in a shop window and was so struck by the absurdity that I had to have it, if only to make this blog post. Just $4!

This is basically an off-the-rack white Hanes sports bra adorned with a somewhat distorted iron-on of the First Family. It’s one of a variety of available designs featuring the Obamas.

When I went in the store to ask how much it cost, a plus-sized black woman was browsing nearby. She said to a friend, not very sotto voce, “Why would anyone want a Barack Obama sports bra?” Which makes me think the prospects for this product are not good.

And now, having served its purpose in my life, it’s off to Goodwill!


  1. Kudos to you for spending $4 for anything so ugly! Do you really thing anyone is going to buy it at Goodwill? :)

    I'd say that's trying to make Obama's image work just a little too hard.

  2. They could at least have ironed it on to the heart-side, no? I mean... it would give the pledge of allegiance a whole new dimension.

  3. I just gave my Obama Portable Hair Dryer away.

  4. Barack for your rack. How can it miss?

  5. I'll wear it...send it to me.

  6. And you have the photo to prove it.
    I totally would have worn this to the gym, if I went to a gym.